Birds Games With Vast Variety Of Species

Best Birds Games For Android To Create An Aviary And Have to Take Care

Few years after the launch of Angry bird, Birds Games have become a huge category in itself and the developers trying hard to meet up the demand in market. Therefore, on Google Play Store several such interesting games are available and like Flappy Bird some of them have sky rocket popularity. It’s the category although for everyone yet fits best to the kids and casual gamers.


Downloads: 100k-500k

Reviews: 4.5

Price: free

Birdstopia a very unique and mind relaxing game that instead of challenging you, mesmerizes with the sounds of birds. You just have to tap trees and will discover different birds from owls to macaws. Create your own bird park that feel like a heaven on Earth. If you are a bird watcher, bird enthusiast or even a biological student who likes to study birds, you will find the game highly addictive.

It has a vast variety of bird species and by listening to their sounds you will learn more about birds in a fun way. Although it is 2D game yet it feels very eye catching.


Bubble Bird

Downloads: 1000k-5000k

Reviews: 4.2

Price: free

Bubble bird is based on the bubble popping scenario which I am sure that many of you have played before. For those who haven’t, let me tell them, it is about bursting bubbles that look like birds. You just need to match 3 in a row or more similar birds next to each other and they will burst. In this way, you have to pop all the bubbles there and when there would not be any birds left behind you will win the game.  This is quite simple and easy to play. The graphic are animated and comes with a variety of eye catching backgrounds.

classic bubble match-three game



Downloads: 1000k-5000k

Reviews: 4.4

Price: free

Bird lovers and the people who always wanted to have a Macaw as a pet but could not do so for some reason, will love this game. Because it is a virtual pet app where you have to create a bird aviary and take care of the birds as if they are your real pets. Taking care may include cleaning the aviary, feeding and even making them breed. You can collect as many birds as you can because the aviary is not small to carry any number of birds. The birds include parrots such as Macaw, cocktail and cockatoo.It also has finches and other birds including eagles and penguins. Now you can have an expensive eagle as your pet like an Arab Prince or even a Penguin. You can collect birds for free and can choose different backgrounds and habitats as your aviary. Birdland also possesses social interaction where you can see friends’ aviary and can do some work for them.


Birds Garden

You will collect jewels, coins and other interesting items in this bird game and also will solve some brain teasing puzzles. The game is full of levels and beautiful enchanted birds. you can play with three different birds, although one at a time but can switch one to another easily. You will be restricted to limited moves and time frame for solving the puzzles.

There are 400 visually attractive, stunning animated graphics levels with some addictive challenges. There will be a boost shop at the starting of each level from where you can have some useful aids. The game is quite simple and has been optimized for Android tablets too.

[appbox googleplay]

Bird Life

Have some cute birds as your pet and raise them with great care. This virtual bird pet simulation will make you feel as if you are having real birds or even if its fails in convincing you, you would be at least turned into a well trained bird pet owner. You have to do every thing from feeding them to taking care of their habits and even do and don’ts of birds.

The most amazing thing about the game is you can have any bird from owls to java, and there is hardly any restriction to the types of birds you can have. The bird will even respond to your actions. and it will behave like a real one. By making double click, the birds will get close to you and will eat & drink like a normal natural bird. Avoid touching the bird too much it can get it sick. A great cute bird game to teach children about birds and how to take care of them as pets.

[appbox googleplay com.crossfield.bird_life]

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