Best Android Brick Breaker Games

Best Android Brick Breaker Games

Android smartphones are one of the best gaming devices that can match the needs of brick breaking games when it comes to controls. These are so simple that mostly used as time killer and therefore no high profile processor or high tech console is required. But the only problem you may face while getting it download from Play store is, there are too many to choose from. Therefore, we have just done the work for you and selected some best brick breaker games for android you can give a look at.

One More Brick

This brick breaker is a single handed controller game with some traits of Bubble blaster. The game is a bit strategic in nature and you have to make the best tactics within time. There are leader-boards and other challenging levels that makes it exciting to play. You will never feel of repenting any challenge at any level you are playing One More Brick is a perfect thing for those who likes to play while running on thread mill or doing exercise because you just need a Smart finger to play all the game.

Compete your score with your friends and see who can do the best among all of you.

[appbox googleplay com.riftergames.onemorebrick]

Brick Breaker Hero

Play the brick breaking game in a new style by being a Hero. Break bricks as a Superhero and release your villagers from the prison of powerful monsters. You will be getting engaged with monsters in fights and prove yourself as a real brick breaker hero. With such great number of levels and epic boss fights you will find it hard to put your mobile down once you start playing. It is an addictive game that gives a fresh change to brick breakers fans.

[appbox googleplay com.gamecircus.bbh]

Brick Blast Ball

Shooting bubble was not this fun as it is with Brick blast ball. By shooting the bubbles you break bricks. It may sound quite simple but that’s what makes it an addictive game. You will feel like the game is not in your control when suddenly things change, you are not expecting to. If a single brick would left behind you will die. At each level you will be playing there are some really big and strong bricks you have to break it into pieces.

This brick ball game has a great combination of simplicity, interest and visuals which makes it a brick breaker to have it in your pocket.

[appbox googleplay com.dongstudio.brick]


If you have not played any brick-breaker before then you can still go with it. Don’t just break the bricks but some other items too. It possess all the good quality of old school brick breaker and some advancement of new ones like highly adapted to smartphones it works with tilt controls, actually works perfectly. It would not mind if you want to try some tapping too. A real time brick breaker challenge even for beginners starting for the very first time.

Balls Bounce

Balls Bounce is more of an aim and shoot brick breaker that you can try on your tablet too. This brick breaker is a new kind of hexagonal bricks which requires far more intelligence to break. Try many modes and see which one is more fun to you. You would not have to worry about the levels, because they are endless of them in it. Several hours of game play will change you into an ultimate brick breaker genius.

[appbox googleplay]

Monster Breaker Hero

This is a different kind of brick breaking experience where you gonna do something constructed instead of breaking some bricks. You protect the castle from the giant monsters and you will do it by your army of Knights. But even Knights are not what you control but the Princesses. For every group of knights you will raise the princesses to command them and you will be the King maker. By raising several princess, you will enhance your knights army. In this way, continue nourishing your army. Don’t let the brick breaker monster come any closer to your castle. A one of its own kind game has a blend of strategic and tower defense game.


Brick Breaker Star

This typical Brick Breaker Star has no limit to an end with its countless stages. Enjoy it with your best of creativity but you are not alone in the game, engage with other online players via multiplayer mode. Try to push your name up as higher as possible on the scoreboard.

[appbox googleplay]

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