Build Simple NotePad App on Android Studio

How to Create Notepad App using Android Studio Step by Step

If you are a beginner level developer and want to be proficient by trying out a Notepad App, then you have landed on the right page. We provide you detailed tutorials along with its brief description. At the end you will surely be able to get your hands on Android Studio to try out your first Note App.

Create Your Simple App:

After getting install the Android Studio you will go to the File and then select the New Project. Now the option will open where you have to choose the Basic Activity option. In this way you will create both files for Java and the layout. As many of you may already know that Java will contain functions while layout will have components such as buttons for your app. Now when you run the application, the TextView screen will open and act as a notepad in which you can create text.

Awesome Android app using Java

The notepad is quite simple to build but you can always add some creative visual in it, as I have mentioned in my tutorial of Calculator app. One can create remarkable things from the simple one, by giving them a specific theme or a topic in trend. Because it is the simple thing in life that are most extra ordinary.

Please Check the Complete Tutorial for Developing the Application.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Add, Delete and Update the Notes


Although the app you are developing has not too much to add but you can always give a touch of advancement and creativity. The best way to do it by checking out all the previous best note apps out there. It is better to use them by yourself and get in discussion with those who use it on daily basis. In this way you will get a far better idea then any other beginner developer. Do brainstorming about the app you want to develop with something new in it. Compiling two different things is the most easy way to create an innovative app. It can be a combination of a reminder and notepad. In this way you can create many different combinations and who knows that you may get great admiration on Google play store for this.


1– Do not underestimate the research process.

2– Although you are trying to be an Android developer but uniqueness of idea is the soul of development.

3– Even if you are not creating it for yourself but using other Notepad Apps will give you a far better idea that what a user actually demands from an App, which in turn will show into your work.