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Best Cartoon Games For Android gaming

Cartoons have always been the favorite subject of game developers. Famous games on PC such as Aladdin and Hercules were the most popular of all. But meanwhile a time came when people got obsessed with the graphics and virtual reality it provides. At that time, cartoon games releases were at the minimum but with the emergence of android gaming, this genre again flourished as the android versions of early time couldn’t support that high profile graphics. But now even with the upgraded processors and high mobile specs of android, users still want to play cartoon games. These lead to the foundation of today’s huge releases based on animated characters.

Teeny titans

Teen titans may or may not be your favorite animations yet teeny titans is something you surely get fan of. This is based on the same story line where teen titans fight bad people and monsters to save the day. But the twist is you got to collect as many monsters as you can. Obviously you will be given specific scores on the basis of monsters you have.

Even if you like games based on movies or fictional characters, yet it seems a bit of a clone of Pokémon but it’s a fun playing thing.


Cat Racer – Oggy Cartoon RunCat

Oggy is a really funny show and very popular (especially in India). In India, the cartoon has dubbed with famous star voices. Although the oggy game is based on the oggy character yet it is not very outstanding when it comes to graphics. But if you like cartoon games then who cares about the graphics. This is about oggy driving a car and you just need to make oggy to get its car first at the finish line.

However, it is similar to any other animated graphic, car racing game but things get more interesting and meaningful if you relate them with the characters you are in deep love with. This makes oggy car racing something different.

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Cartoon shadow quiz

If you are reading this post, then there is high probability you watch or used to watched many cartoons at some point of your life. If it is true then you will really enjoy shadow quiz. This will display the figures and shadows of cartoons and you have to guess that which character in shadow is. It may sound simple but you will get the better idea when you start playing. It tests your visual memory and how you match the figures.

This android game is a perfect brain teaser for young kids who do not like anything much more than their favorite cartoon characters. Cartoon shadow quiz is a perfect thing which parents can enjoy with their kids as it can provide that little challenge need to get adults grabbed into a game.

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OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo

Reviews: 4.3

Downloads: 500k-1000k

Price: Free

It is about kicking and punching the bad monsters to save the day. And for those kids who watch this show on cartoon network, it’s far more fun. You will use different powers and weapons, which makes it more full of the fun. However, the graphics are just as same as the one in the show. You can hardly detect the difference between the game and cartoon show. Ok k.o can also be seen as a time killer for Casual Gamers other wise it is more appealing to younger kids.

This is known reasonably nice if we talk about the users feedback and it does not hurt to download this Free thing and try it by playing it for few minutes.

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Reviews: 4.4

Downloads: 5000k- 10,000k

Price: Free

Nothing can be more cool than cars, vehicles and the robots loaded with big guns. Transformers are just perfectly fits into the idea. You can enjoy this with so many different characters, if you have watched the movie even if you don’t want to watch cartoons. The Transformers has been famous among the adults since the launch of its movie. Many of us know the characters and the story line, in which two groups of robots that can convert themselves into cars and trucks fight with each other. One for good and one for bad. One called “AutoBots” and the other “Decepticon”. This android game is not just fighting and shooting but a nice strategy too. You got to fight in the battle with great tactical intelligence.

The factor which makes it more appealing is it’s $0 price tag. While it is also being liked by many strategy lovers.

Card Wars Kingdom

Reviews: 4.3

Downloads: 10,000k- 50,000k

Price: Free

Card Wars Kingdom is a game in which a war will be fought via cards as the name suggest. But the difference from other fantasy card games is that the characters would appear and kill the characters of other opponent ‘s card. But they do so in a bit funny way and this is not very serious card game where you thrive hard to defeat your opponent. Rather you enjoy it more as a player. For you don’t know what will happen and what card you will receive next. The characters appear with a new background every time you play. Card Wars Kingdom is also great as a casual game.

This is very popular among the users for having such high number of the downloads from 10,000k to 50,000k and you can get it for free on Google play store.