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Celebrity games
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Best Celebrity games, that provide you the regular doze of Entertainment

Due to the increasing popularity of smart device games, the celebrities have started using them to grab more attention of the masses. Most of the celebrity games are created for the purpose of promotion or conducting marketing campaign. But no matter what the purpose of their development is, these games can always provide you with the regular doze of entertainment you need.


Sniper X with Jason Statham

For Jason Statham fans, the game will be really exciting, especially if they are also a fan of shooting game. As it will add up to the reasons for playing this outstanding game. The game is about a situation, in which you will be recruit in Jason’s shooting team to fight against the terrorists. The terrorists are having weapon for mass destruction, therefore you have to stop them at any cost. You will be provided with the appropriate weaponry and resources to stop these people.

The game has several different levels which provide you the opportunity to play, either with diverse upgraded versions of the same or different gun. This android game is full of mind blowing shooting combats and missions. The graphics are fantastic and become much better when you listen the wide variety of soundtrack while playing for the very first time. This marvelous game is available for free on Google play store.


The Simpsons: Tapped Out

The great animated series of Simpsons is now a interesting game you can try out on your Android phone. The story line is about the Simpsons‘ city that has been destroyed due to some natural disaster. Now it’s your job rebuild the city for the Simpsons. The game is really interesting, for you will be encountered with different Simpsons characters in the game.

The game graphics resembles to its animated form, while the game has enough levels to never let you bore even playing it for weeks.


Nonstop chuck Norris

Like the chuck Norris’s performance, the game is also full of action and fights. The game can also be classified as an action adventure game. In the game chuck Norris (In it’s animated avatar) will move on its own like in an endless running game. But the problem is he gonna run into constant waves of bad guys and you have to make the way by fighting them. Your goal is to go as far as you can until you are out of your life line.

The graphics are animation based, full of shooting and fighting sounds. The controls are also very simple you just need to try for the first time and you will automatically drawn to them in a second or two.  For people who are thinking either they should take the risk of buying the game or not, then the good news is Nonstop chuck Norris is available for free on Google store.

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chuck norris game


Pocket mortys

Those who have watched this hit show before knew what the game would be about. The game features Mortys who are behaving the same way they used to be in the show. (So what’s new?) But this time you have to play and collect about 70 Mortys.

When it comes to game, Pocket Mortys is nearly a replica of Pokémon go but obviously vary in the theme and story line. If you have played Pokémon go then you will have a better idea how the game would be like. Any how it doesn’t count as a reason to not write it in the book of good games.