How to send a certified USPS mail

USPS mail

The People of United States feels proud on services of USPS, that’s why USPS department continuously growing with the trust of People. The USPS makes rules and regulation to deliver best to their users. People who are using USPS service 1st time usually get stuck in some steps while sending mail. In order How to send a certified mail, you have to follow some guidelines. These guidelines are important at everytime whenever you are going to send mail. The guidelines are predefine rules of USPS that everyone should have to follow:

There are two ways to send mail.

  1. Send mail by local post office
  2. Mail online

Send Mail By Local Post Office

Sending mail by Local post office involve in some steps which are:

Step 1:  Local post office visit

  • Go to local post office “Cupertino post office
  • Demand a form 3800 and fill the details
  • Write the full details including receiver address

Step 2: Put Right Information

  • Remove the back and place sticker carefully also make sure that you have done it correctly.

Step 3: Pay according to your service

  • You have chosen normally $3.35 if you are not including special service like insurance.

Step 4: Include extra service

  • If you use restricted service then only specified person can receive mail. If you want to use this extra service, this will include an extra fee.

Step 5: Want a Delivery Proof

  • You may want a return receipt of your mail if yes then you have to pay for this service as well. You can receive receipt by email with verified sign of receptor and you can print this receipt.

Step 6: Get Updates by Tacking Mail

  • You may track your mail by tracking id via online using USPS website. This service will inform you what happens with your package and provide details in case of delay.

Send mail online

Step 1: Sign Up

  • To use online mail services of USPS, you must sign up on USPS website. Be careful while choosing the service and be sure you can track your mail next day also check the receipt of delivery.

Step 2: Prepare the Letter

  • Compose your letter and sign in if required after taking the print.

Step 3: Scan Letter

  • Scan the printed letter and be sure it’s clear and easy to read.

Step 4: Uploading Document

  • When you upload scan document, the service provider download your document and make it ready to go.

Step 5: Keep Proof

  • Keep the receipt proof that USPS provides you.

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