Best Cheap Android Phones To Buy in 2018

From the very beginning, Android has been targeting the price sensitive market of smart phones. Therefore, cheap Android phones can be seen as a feather in Android’s cap. Every year tons of Android phone manufacturers compete with each other to provide their customers with the most idiosyncratic product than their competitors.

Cheapest Android Phones With Specs & Price

The goal is to meet the lowest price without lacking any advance feature. As there are so many brands competing to provide the best cheap Android phones that we have to put the finest one in our list. This list of cheapest Android phones has the most attributes what Android users call a complete smart phone. Although the biggest share has been captured by companies like Samsung but even then you can find lowest price Android devices having equivalent features and without lacking any competitive edge.

If you want more security, then here is the list of most secure smartphones which you should buy.


Nokia 6


OS: Android Nougat

Camera: 16 MP/8 MP


Screen: 5.5 Display

Memory: 32/64 GB

Cheap Android device

Price: $215

Recently Nokia has made its return in the phone industry by joining hands with Android. Nokia has been one of the most experienced mobile phone company so we can trust it for our low price Android phone. With 5.5 inch screen, 16 MP camera and 4GB RAM, it’s a reasonable deal along with name of reliable company like Nokia. Nokia 6 has fingerprint lock for the security measure. However the phone is available in two versions, 32 GB & 64 Gb storage.

Currently the device is running on Android Nougat version but as we all know they can upgraded as the new version comes in.


Moto G4 Plus


OS: Android Nougat

Camera: 16 MP/5 MP

RAM: 2/4 GB

Screen: 5.5 inch

Memory: 16 GB

Android phones under $200

Price: $229

Motorola is known for its sleek, slim and sharp design in the past and now it has jumped with the new Moto G4 Plus. The G4 plus comes in two different options. Therefore if its (4 GB RAM) version seems a bit more for best budget Android phones then the 2 GB RAM version can be your best option.

Although it has compromised over its storage which is 16 GB but all for providing you a really cheap phone with the best of features. For you can have much bigger cloud memory nowadays without paying a single penny. This has decreased considering the phone’s memory factor while buying one.

Where as you can have 16 MP camera along with 5 MP front. The screen completely goes with the camera’s resolution with the size of 5.5 inches. Moto G4 plus is a bit cheaper than its old rival Nokia for it has provided the same features and just shrunk the memory capacity. This sounds like a strategy but let the time decide either it will work or not.

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Honor 7X


Screen: 5.9 inch


Storage: 32 GB

Camera: 16 MP

Version: Nougat

Battery: 3340 mAh

Best budget Android phone

Price: $225

Honor 7X is in our “list of cheap Android phones” but as far as the design is concerned, it is no lesser than any expensive one. Although a bit more in price as compared to that to two mentioned above but its worth paying that much price. For it has 5.93 inches display which makes it hell of a phone with its elegant design.

For the functionality part, it has 2 GB of Ram, 32 GB of memory and 3340 mAh memory. The battery has designed to keep phone stay up for straight two days. Whereas the 16 MP camera looks better with its much bigger screen. Honor 7X is for those people who although want to buy a cheap android phone but does not want their phone look like one.

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ZTE Blade Z Max


Screen: 6 inch


Storage: 32 GB

Camera: 16/ 8 MP

latest cheap android phones

Price: $130

ZTE is the best combo of low price & powerful specification. Being the phone with lowest price even in the list, it has also succeeded in securing the position of phone with most powerful hardware. Its 6 inches screen makes it appear much bigger even before you hold it in your hands.

Whereas the long-lasting 4080 mAh battery is a quirky feature that gives ZTE Blade Z Max its distinctive edge. The camera stands at 16 MP resolution and 8 MP for the front which is a reasonable number to consider. Its 32 GB memory storage is no lesser from the rivals it’s competing against. Also check: Backup Android to PC


Moto E4



Version: Android 7.1

Camera: 8/5 MP

Storage: 16 GB

Display: 5 inch

best cheap smartphones

Price: $100

This is perfect for you if your first preference is low price and can compromise over specs. Moto E4 has brought this one of its own kind offer that can be a treat for low price Android device lovers. If you just want an Android phone that should not have gigantic RAM and Memory as compulsion, then this is the answer for you.

It is a whole lot cheaper device for those who just need a cheap phone and not very concerned about performance excellence. May be its 8 MP Camera, 16 GB storage and 2 RAM does not look bigger to you but it is one of the cheapest in the list. But even with it, you can have 5 inch display to enjoy internet browsing and other display functions. Its 2800 mAh is not much on the name of battery but you can get along with it.

Best Android Phone to Buy