Best Cloud Storage Apps To Save Your Precious Data

Cloud storage apps like dropbox has made our digital data immortal and infinite at the same time. Thanks to these free cloud storage we no longer have to lose our old memories or important data. Due to change of device or accidentally breaking hardware. Along with being convenient to be accessed by any kind of digital device. These cloud storage are far more secured than any other hardware data storage.


In this post, there are some intangible storage marvels that cannot just store really impressive amount of data but are majorly commended for their trust factor. So let’s see what we have as an option in the list of top cloud storage apps.


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  • Encrypted app
  • 5GB free data
  • Store & share any file format


Sync is a name known as a prime app of cloud data storage and by data storage means that you can have video, audio & other file formats in the storage which later can be easily shared. Being fully encrypted, it entirely eliminates the security risk of privacy breach. You and only you can access the data and in multiple ways using various devices. If needed data can be shared with anyone you want to. No need to carry your laptop everywhere, you can access the entire data via your duplicate storage of cloud.



Google Drive
Google Drive
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free+


Google Drive


  • Use via PC, Tablet or Android
  • Highly reliable for photos, videos & other data


Most probably you have landed on this page via Google and this explains the competency and reliability of Google the best. If majority of world population can trust it as their by default search engine and web browser then it surely be a wise decision to choose it as your cloud data locker. Along with accessing it with any device, you can be keen on the diverse types of data format it allows you to store.

From photos to different setup files, you can store almost any kind of data you have and in all your devices. As if you are doing it for preserving your favorite photos then we will suggest making some effort using Google Drive.


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  • Most popular data storage
  • Used by professionals
  • 2GB free storage

You can trust it for it is handling and storing data for most of IT professionals and people of other expertise.

May be dropbox is the first name comes into your mind when you think about cloud storage. For its one of the most popular and fine cloud storage services. Using it, one can access the data from his/her multiple devices and can get rid of the worry about losing important data. May be 2 Gb is not much for you if you are not interested in Premium, but at least it can be enough room for your sensitive data files. You can trust it for it is handling and storing data for most of IT professionals and people of other expertise. If they can trust it then you can too.



pCloud: Kostenloser Cloud-Speicher
pCloud: Kostenloser Cloud-Speicher




  • 10Gb free storage
  • Access with any device
  • Store different kind of data


pCloud is offering far more freemium data storage than any other of its rival apps. You can store your important projects and almost the entire data of a regular smart phone. It’s perfect for those users and in particular that have a desperate need of saving some pretty big amount of data without spending no or little money. But 10 GB storage is not a final limit as you can choose it for your long-term cloud storage partner by going premium.

So if any of your old device seems like can go permanently dead any time for any reason and you are feeling it then there is no problem putting all your data into pCloud for its trustworthiness can’t be doubted due to being a cloud among first rated apps.


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  • 100 GB Free space
  • Really fast
  • Can earn more space for free


If the free data offered by Degoo seems big to you then what would you call the 100 GB free cloud storage of Degoo. By Signing up for this app, you hardly hit the chance of going premium for hundred GB is a really big number to hit upon. But if by chance you gather more than the 100 GB data, you can earn more space without spending any money.

Degoo offers data space by displaying commercial advertisement videos. But if you are not in the mood of watching any commercial than you can spend some money by subscribing to premium plan.

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