What are the Components of Android

Components of Android
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Basic Components of Android and other Additional Android Components

The components of android are as follow:

  • Activities
  • Services
  • Broadcast Receivers
  • Content Providers
  • Additional components (Fragment, Intent, Widgets)

    1. Activities:

An android activity is a screen function that appears while using an Application. It is actually called the screen in an android terminology, which means whatever the screen shows while using an application at one time. The screen can be more than one for few applications. For instance, if you go to your inbox, the several texts it is showing and the functionality it performs with each icon is an activity. Now if you do to the create message option, a new screen appears of a blank page on which you can type text. Now this is another activity of same application. Every screen (also known as Activity) has its several unique user interface function.

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        2. Services

While using our android phones, numerous applications are consistently working in the background most of the time. This background working of the applications while we are involving with some other activity, this is called service. The service is actually a component of an android application which runs programs and the processes in the background without interrupting screen you are working on. For example if you are on a call with your friend and he wants some information that you have stored in your draft, you will keep the call going and go to your drafts to fetch the data. Just then the call you are on is functioning in the background and you are online with your friend but your activity changes as you are now in your drafts.

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          3. Broadcast Receivers

Another component of android is the broadcast receivers. Broadcast receivers is actually creates a nexus between the android operating system and other android applications working on that operating system. broadcast receivers is responsible for letting other applications know that if a significant setting changes or any data change has been made. If new data is feed to the device all other android applications running on the android operating system will be made aware that a new data has been in there access now which they can use for any of the purpose they want to use it.

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       4. Content provider

Content provider is one of the four main components of the android. It is responsible for management of the data and organizing, arranging and sequencing it.  Whenever an android application requests for data presents in your smart phone the content provider will decide what data to transact.

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Additional components of Android:

  • Fragment

Fragment is a kind of sub activity that works to run other modular activity design. The fragment has its own specific layout.

  • Intent:

Intent is that component of an android application that make you jump from one activity to another activity by pressing a button appearing on the screen.


Easy Overview of Android Components:

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