Cooking Games For Girls To Manage The Kitchen

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If you like cooking and love making some delicious stuff on Sundays, then you might like these cooking games. Although such games are created by keeping in view kids & girls as the targeted audience. But in general such are for everyone who loves to cook. Following are some funky pretty environment, cooking fever games that will teach you which ingredients are used for the dishes you have never cooked.

Bistro Cook

Downloads: 5000k-10,000k

Price: free

Reviews: 4.1

Bistro cook is about cooking as fast as you can, how much you know about ingredients does not matter in the game. Because the game play is quite simple and instructions you will receive are quite easy to act upon. The simple play allows you to make mushrooms and fries with great speed in a restaurant kitchen. The score you will make will appear on your social profile and your friends can see it. You can play some entertaining challenges and show how good you are.

Bistro cook is specially designed for the casual game lovers.


Cooking Fever

Downloads: 50,000k-100,000k

Price: free

Reviews: 4.5

Cooking fever is about how to run a restaurant than just being a chef. It is a quite addictive game with lots of features, options, and up-gradations. You will make the dishes in unique and diversely separated atmosphere from desserts to a bar. There are about 19 different surroundings you may enjoy playing in. You can make 400 different dishes using 100 separate ingredients. While you can also upgrade your restaurant and the kitchen. There are many cooking equipments to use from pizza maker to popcorn machine. It is a detailed cooking game with close to reality approach. You will never get bore with the game, because of 400 different levels. Cooking fever is actually about how good you are managing the time.


Happy Chef 2

Downloads: 1000k-5000k

Reviews: 4.3

Price: free

You start as a very ordinary chef in an Italian pizza shop and grow into a big chef star. It is about going to different places in the world and showing up your cooking skills. Gradually you became good at making many dishes with great ease. There is a huge variety of things you got to cover up and make some good dishes for the customers. There are about 100 unique dishes you need to prepare for the customers in 70 levels. You will also enjoy five mini games in this, while there are 5 locations in which you have to cook. Happy chef 2 also provides you with upgradation of the kitchen and you can decorate it the way you like.


Cake Now

Downloads: 5000k-10,000k

Price: free

Reviews: 4

How your cooking hobby can end without trying the cakes? Bake your favorite cakes in Cake Now. Cover them with delicious creams and the toppings. You can create 6 kinds of cakes. The game is perfect for kids and for the girls who love to bake cakes. Even the boys who are cake geeks can try it out for fun.

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Big Cake Group Limited


Cooking Tale

You are a freshman from a cooking school who has stepped into the practical world of cooking and cuisine. You will do experiment with lots of different dishes and the recipes, you will also improve yourself as a chef. Actually you are the one playing the role and have to discover different new restaurants, bakery and cafes of towns you visit.

There will be several different places on the map which will give you the excitement of travelling and fulfilling your passion of cooking at the same time. At the restaurant, prove yourself as a practical skilled master chef who can complete hundreds of orders within limited time frame. Work at different cafes and up scale restaurants to see how you can deal with routine challenges and performs while competing with other chefs. Make lots of dishes, beverages and desserts.

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World Chef

Don’t just have a feel of a chef but see how it feels to be a restaurant owner. Create your own restaurant in this virtual cooking game, where you are a chef who has started a new canteen in the town. You name your restaurant and design it the way you like. Soon people will know about it and would be visited by the customers far off the places all around the world. There will be restaurants from 20 countries worldwide.

Later you have to make some changes related to the size and quality of your service. After your restaurant has changed into world famous spot and people will be visiting it all around the globe, you have to create room for that much people. You are not running a fast food chain but a five star restaurant where exotic food and new experimented cuisine is served to the customers. Don’t worry about rushing up the orders but let the taste reach it’s pinnacle, so that even after a day your customer can have that aroma of your master piece.

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