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Best Brain teaser Math Games

Maths games are one of the most constructive and fun things you can have on your Android phone. It can be seen as an educational app or brain teasing program that not only enhances your mental math skills but can act as an arithmetic teacher for younger kids. It is a great way to spend your extra time on subways or while waiting for someone. There are some really incredible Android Maths games on play store that you should give a look at.

Math Vs Zombies

Downloads: 100k-500k

Reviews: 4.0

Things get better with zombies, so is this cool maths game. You have to protect your home and yourself from the zombie apocalypse by using maths power gadgets. Answer the questions right and get rid of the zombies. There are some boxes in your backyard which will carry arithmetic problem; if you answer wrong you have to face zombies. It involves mathematical problems related to addition, subtraction and multiplication while there are more than 80 different levels in it. This is full of attractive visuals and thrill of zombies. Math vs. Zombies is a great brain teaser for the kids and brain exercise for adults.

[appbox googleplay com.taptolearn.mathVsZombies]

Math Master Educational Game and Brain Workout

Downloads: 100,000 – 500,000

Reviews: 4.4

Horning your mental maths skills was not this much fun. The game play is simple as you start as a baby and by solving maths problems you evolve your character into a school student and ultimately into a professor. To change your character you would need coins, which you will earn from answering the problems. Maths master also include a leader board which will be displayed online.

It can play the same purpose as any learning app but in a more fun way. While at the same time it will be seen as an entertainment. A cooler maths game for the people of all ages as the mathematical problems include, are of primary to high school level.

[appbox googleplay]

Math Challenge – Brain Workout

Downloads: 1,000,000 – 5,000,000

Reviews: 4.3

It is more of a mathematical trivia game than that of a casual mathematical game. Because there are 12 different levels and your job is to answer a great number of these at each level. The last level consists of 50 questions. This is a fun way to improve your intelligence . You can prepare your kids for proficient level arithmetic skills that he/she will show in their exams and entry tests. For senior citizens, it can be a great exercise to maintain their mental health.

This kids maths game can be seen as great excuse for the parents to spend more time with their children. It also has a multiplayer mode in which you can interact with other online players that adds a new dimension in the game.

[appbox googleplay]

Math Effect

Math Effect is maths puzzle game by Kidga in which you have to find out either the answer of a given equation is right or not. It may sound simple but it’s a mind boggling task to evaluate the solution. So if you are not a maths fan, then think twice before downloading this game. On the other hand, it is a great maths practice that will help you do the exercise in a fun way specially if you are a maths geek. Remember every maths challenge is based on a particular time frame which you cannot violate. Therefore, this adds up to the difficulty level and makes the game more fun.

[appbox googleplay com.kidga.mathrush]

Skillz – Logical Brain

Skillz can provide you the excuse to spend quality time with your kids if you are a parent or can be your Boredom killing machine. But the interesting part is that you enhances your brain power while getting amuse with it. You choose memory sequence challenges that make you remember several different color patterns or numbers in a specific sequence. It’s ability to get adjust according to the gamers of every age and background makes it highly flexible for the users.

Although it’s not a maths game itself but there is no debate, how improving your memory affects your mental maths.

[appbox googleplay net.rention.mind.skillz]

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