5 Best and Must have Android Apps of 2018

These latest Apps for Android phones are more upgraded and enhanced. So, it is better you check out this list of popular Android apps.

NEW YEAR NEW APPS, This would be the most common phrase in the minds of Android users. As every year Google Store gets crowded with millions of Apps and this year has also brought you some of the coolest Android apps.

But the question arises what kind of apps would secure position in the list of best Android apps 2018. Well, that depends upon the usability, effectiveness and popularity of the app. As many has the features been offered by many other applications in the past but these latest Apps for Android phones are more upgraded and enhanced. So, it is better you check out this list of popular Android apps. Let see what new change (for phone) 2018 has brought for you.

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Box Breathing

With the Box Breathing, you will surely gonna reduce your stress & anxiety and improve your learning ability along with the concentration. It consists of breathing technique that clears the mind and in turn decreases the stress and improve your energy level. This fitness app helps you to hold breath for some time by guiding you properly how to do it.

Box breathing has burgeoned the personal and professional lives of many users towards betterment.

[appbox googleplay org.box_breathing.app]


One of the most environment oriented app that actual lies between the fine line of app and game. You have to count your number of steps using walkr but the cool aspect is the number of steps you walk per day will add up as fuel energy for the rocket in the app. The rocket will take you to the far of universal planets and galaxies. But remember you cannot move your rocket an inch without fueling it up with physical walking steps. There are 45+ planets to discover which means you have to walk a lot. See also: Calorie counter apps

[appbox googleplay com.fourdesire.spacewalk]


TouchRetouch has done opening for the photo editing apps. This app is more concentrated to the specific task of transforming your great photos into perfect one. Like sometimes we snap some awesome photos but a small spot or a street sign seems like spoiling your perfect moment. Here TouchRetouch app can do the magic by removing such unnecessary elements out of your photo. A must have app for all selfie obsessed people. Check this: Photo filter apps

[appbox googleplay com.advasoft.touchretouch]


Forest can be proclaimed as best Android phone app for the unique functionality it provides. Unlike all other apps, it helps you to get rid of your phone addiction. The concept is quite simple; you sow a seed in the app that will turn into a virtual plant.

The plant will gradually develop but during that time if you unnecessarily use your device then tree would be chopped away. And in case if you succeed in resisting the temptation, your plant will grow into a huge tree. Forest uses an interesting reward and punishment conditioning to help users gets rid of their excessive social media usage.

[appbox googleplay cc.forestapp]


If you are like my friend who has gotten fascinated with astronomy after watching Guardian of the Galaxy movie then it’s better you download this education app. It will make you travel all around the universe as if you are a superhuman. You will orbit around space bodies and see the moons of different planet of our solar system. It is not just limited to the solar system but to the entire known galaxy to mankind.

[appbox googleplay com.usm.redshift]

Explore the names of stars you see in the dark night and learn to recognize direction, no matter where you are. A really awesome Android app for the space travelling you want.