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Calculator App

How to Build Calculator App in Android Studio Step by Step Tutorials

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss about how to make a basic Android Calculator App. We have decided to write about calculator app, because it is something still in every Android phone, even after being so old. As the matter of fact it is a basic commodity for your Phone like a clock. But do not think it as a copycat development, you can be creative even with the first Android Application you are making. I mean you can build it on theme of a Movie, animation character, company logo or the public figure you idealize. In this way you will have your small creative task.

Although it is the beginning but even after having larger goals you have to start with something small as a first step. The tutorial is created by assuming that the reader had a little bit experience working with android.  While the programming skills is not required to be of advance level but of a beginner.

Create a New Project

You need to create a file for Java. First of all Open Android Studio on your PC and go to the new Project Option. Now write a name for the project you like to call it. You will find an option of Java Class, click it. Now Name Java Class which would be by default as MainActivity. You have created the Java file.

Awesome Android app using Java

After creating Java file now you have to create a layout file. You will start by clicking on file and you will find option button. Select option button and there will be a  Xml file option click it and it will by default have the name activity_main.xml.

Now the final and the third step are to connect the xml file you have created with the Java file.

You will find buttons in layout that you will drag on the screen.




Here is the Easy Tutorial For Beginners.


The small calculator application will carry four basic things which include Buttons, Edit text, text view and relative layout. As we are building a simple calculator so the function it will perform will only be limited to arithmetic.

You will get the basic idea from the description while the details are available in the tutorials. Now you can brag about the Android App you have developed or even can try to earn money by uploading it on Google play store. If you are thinking who would download such an app which they already have in their smart phones.Then the thing is, It is not actually the product functionality people buy but also the way it is presented and how it looks like. Even all the slippers or match boxes may have the simple feature that all have in common. But one can make their product stand out by equipping it with eye catching design and visual. As beauty is the great seducer of man.

Download Source Code File


1– To avoid the errors, test your work time to time so you don’t have to start all over again if something goes wrong after you are done working.

2– You may find it as a headache first therefore be persistent and keep trying.

3– If you can’t get any detail just Google it.

4–  You can always go to search engine and YouTube for more precise guidance.

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