Display Current Date And Time App

Display Current Date And Time App

Step by Step Tutorial For Displaying Current Date and Time in Android Studio

It’s the most simple android app to create I have ever seen. It is so simple that it would not be to call it a program. The beginners who even had not entered beginner level development properly; this should be the application they should be working on. The simple display current date and time app that can simply show the current time and date on your phone screen, may be in some unique way. You will also be shown a count down of every passing second so there is a hour, minute and a second display in the watch.

Create a java file by adding concatenation of strings in it and also develop a layout with textview in it. There is only a textview without any buttons. You just need to set date and time on it. Now you are ready to use the 12 hours format time display which you can change along with the calendar. To make it bit attractive and match your style, add background and colors that will make the app stand out.

Here is the Complete Tutorial For Displaying Current Date and Time

Android Studio Date & Time TextView Update Every Second Tutorial

how to make date and time updating every second in android video textview github: https://github.com/AllInOneYT/Project/tree/master/Android/MyApplication


The tutorial bears step by step proceeding of the time and date app development. Although it’s one of the most simple android app on the planet you can find but even if you are a beginner try you proceed by taking small steps. Watch the video and perform it yourself bit by bit.