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Card games are getting popular among Android users, as this genre has great fan following from a very old-time, since people don’t play on digital devices. For being portable and with the ability of adding several players in your game, it has always been liked by users from different cultures and countries. The new Android generation gamers are also great enthusiasts of this genre, either fantasy and classic card games both have huge admiration.


Following are top-notch card games that are must have for every Android user.


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[appbox googleplay com.pokemon.pokemontcg]


Pokémon TCG Online


  • Trade cards
  • Fire or water deck
  • Global player participation

TCG Online is being on the Google Play Store from a bit long time, but it is really famous among fantasy card enthusiasts. You need to collect cards and a deck will be presented to you, on which you get introduced with the game for the very first time.

The duels fought either with the computer or human on multiplayer mode, it’s a fun anyway. It is better to know about Pokémon animation but you will soon learn it even you haven’t ever watched Pokémon cartoons up till now. It is a free to download in our list.

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[appbox googleplay]




  • Player vs Player or AI
  • 45+ cards
  • Game-play tutorials

Ascension is another famous fantasy card game in our list. It is not a recently launched game but even then you wouldn’t feel like playing a bit old game. It is about dueling with other card owners using your own deck of cards. Every card you will have, possess a specific amount of power.

The graphics are reasonably nice for a card game and you can play it online. If you want to be a well reputed player overnight then there are cards you can buy with real money. It has been rated high for being a fascinated game and comes without any price tag with it.


battle against card opponent
Asmodee Digital



[appbox googleplay com.lessthanthree.crib]

Cribbage With Grandpas


  • Play with your customizable character
  • Classic card game
  • Character really takes after your grandpa

If you have not ever heard of cribbage then let me tell you, cribbage is a really old legendary game that your elders may have played. Therefore, it is named cribbage with grandpas. It is more strategic in nature and unlike any other card game for Android; you can customize your opponent in this. Your grandpa will be your opponent in the game whom which you can customize concordance to your choice.


Card and board games Android
Less Than Three Interactive


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[appbox googleplay com.Arpian3D.TripleTriadBeta]


Triple Triad


  • JRPG
  • Weekly matches
  • Unlock unique cards

Triple triad is a new successor of a previous legendary final fantasy 8. Like the previous final fantasy 8, this is also really praised by most of the card fans.

This is quite simple to play, you will be given five cards and you have to win more from your opponent. This superb game-play is available for free and is a complete package of tactical and suspense gaming.




[appbox googleplay net.peakgames.ginrummyplus]


Gin Rummy Plus


  • Gaming community
  • Multiplayer game-play
  • Dozens of novel cards


Gin Rummy makes it very joyful for the card geeks to play with other card enthusiasts. Due to the multiplayer feature, you can play with other interested in the game from all around the world. You can join other’s table while at the same time can invite other’s to join yours. It has several different difficulty levels and you can play the level matches your skill. The coins and the jackpot you win are about how good are you in this. The leader board makes it very interesting for the card fans you are having on social networking site.

The game with such higher reviews of 4.8 and such great number of the downloads will be impossible to get for free, but this mind-blowing game is free.


Digital card games


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[appbox googleplay com.kamagames.blackjack]


Blackjack 21


  • Play in lavish casino
  • Daily challenges
  • Black jack game


An amazing idea to hone your skills as a card player. It not only makes the blackjack fun where you can play it, with several different real-time players online but also makes you a better player when it comes to the cards. No matter what skill level player you are, it will provide game-play for each kind of gamer.

Like all good card games, it has a leader-board which shows the week champions. For the people blackjack 21 is the thing they want to play. It is tailored to their demands. It has great reviews and can be downloaded by a person having little interest in blackjack, for this is free and can be downloaded for a try.



[appbox googleplay com.devolver.reigns]



  • Play as Emperor
  • Card as decision
  • Wrong decisions can disastrous


It has a bit different approach as that of its competitors. You as judge from the name, have to rule a kingdom by making good decisions and as many as possible. Each card you draw out of a deck is a decision you have to make and the choices would be limited. You make wrong decision, you will be diminished. While right decision can increase your reign for the next year.

The Reigns has good graphics with easy swiping controls. It is not serious card game but more of a casual one. For those who got bored with the conventional games will find it amusing. And can be seen as a casual card. It can also be seen as a substitute for several different fantasy games, even though there are many such games yet hardly resembles the idea it presents.

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