Disney Games That Will Bring Back Memories

Best Disney Games For Android That Are Really Popular Equally Among Boys And Girls

Disney in itself is a complete world for kids. Disney has shown a new dimension of fantasy in the minds of kids, and even grown-ups. The Disney world is known as the master piece where everyone can see their fantasy come alive. Disney games are really popular equally among boys and girls for the huge diversity of characters it possess. Boys of several generations have been watching and fantasizing characters like Lion king, Aladdin, Jungle book and Peter Pan. While hardly any girl have not idealized Disney Princesses.

Therefore, due to such enormous fan-following of Disney among all age groups, we have created a collection of best Android Disney games you must play being a Fan.


[appbox googleplay com.perblue.disneyheroes]

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

  •       Strategy RPG
  •       From Disney princesses to heroes
  •       Lots of Disney characters

In this virtual world of Disney different characters team up to fight against the bad guys. Characters like Woody, Aladin, Elsa (Frozen), Hercules, Mickey Mouse, Captain Jack Sparrow, Maleficent and many other Disney characters which you haven’t seen before together are all in it for a team up. You have to tactically team up the characters to fight different missions.

Winning will get you chips and badges for leveling up your characters or providing them with gears. Those who are fans of Disney characters will rejoice the game with the different set of powers each character has in the game.


[appbox googleplay com.disney.castleofillusion_goo&hl=en]

Castle Of Illusion

  •  Action adventure of Mickey Mouse
  •  Recreation of Sega Genesis classic
  •  Explore 5 magical worlds

For all those who see Mickey Mouse as their childhood friend, castle of illusion is a game they must try. Mickey Mouse has to rescue Minnie mouse from a castle where he will encounter different challenges and have to overcome various hurdles. Castle of illusion has many hidden challenges which you have to discover.

You can make Mickey wear different costumes of your choice. No matter what the device are you using the game supports Android tablets and Smart TV too.

Mickey Mouse returns to star in Castle of Illusion


[appbox googleplay com.disney.frozensaga_goo]

Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot

  •       Include Snowgies and Ana
  •       100+ levels
  •       Easy controls

Frozen is one of the recently introduced Princess with the power to turn everything into ice. In this, she along with characters such as Snowgies, Anna, and other will go on adventurous quest to uncover different wonders. There will be more than 100 different levels each one have its own challenges and can be completed with different problem solving techniques. It also includes snowballs as threats that you have to avoid using ice power of Frozen. There are also many hidden rewards that can make you play it for the long hours.

Frozen has amazingly beautiful environments with or without snow. You will never feel frustrated using controls. The game is a gift for all those girls who are fan of Frozen.



[appbox googleplay com.disney.emojimatch_goo&hl=en]

Disney Emoji Blitz

  •       Match-3 puzzle
  •       Emojis from Disney, Pixar and Star Wars
  •       2000+ characters emojis

Match Emojis of characters from Disney, Pixar and Star Wars. The emojis you can use in chat too. Participate in the challenging events and show up in the leaderboard. Emojis are not just of characters but also of different items belonging to animated creators.

Challenge your friends and participate in the special events. More than 2200 emojis combine with characters and items.



[appbox googleplay com.disney.wheresmywater2_goo]

Where’s My Water? 2

  •       Official Disney game
  •       physics-based puzzler
  •       100+ levels and 3 locations

“Where’s My Water 2” is a sequel of “Where’s My Water” which grew in popularity very quickly among the mobile gamers. The game is pretty simple where you have to bring water to an alligator taking a bath. You have to cut through dirt underground, and clear way to make water flow towards the shower.

The game includes alligator characters of Swampy, Cranky and Allie. You don’t just have to guide fresh water but steam and some purple water too. There are more than 100 levels and 3 diverse locations, from Beach to soap factory. This physics-based puzzler is one of those Disney games or kids that are especially designed by the Disney itself.


[appbox googleplay com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftDYHM&hl=en]

Disney Magic Kingdoms

  •       Built your Disney Park
  •       With 200 characters and 1500 quests
  •       For kids above 3

Create your own magical land of Disney Park where you can have your favorite Disney characters. Not just Disney characters but others include characters from Pixar and Star Wars. This Disney game app bears popular characters from Disney princess to Woody of Toy story. And not just the protagonists of Disney but also the villains such as Ursula from Little Mermaid, Scar from Lion King, Gaston from Beauty and the Beast and Jafar from Aladdin.

Create your park with more than 170 attractions and celebrate with parades & fireworks.  It’s a totally free offline Disney game. You can also download Disney Magic Kingdoms on your mobile.  


[appbox googleplay com.disney.maleficent_goo&hl=en]

Maleficent Free Fall

  •       Match-3 puzzle
  •       Unfold Maleficent story
  •       Use spell and green magic

This free to play match-3 is based on Disney Maleficent Free Fall. The game revolves around the story and magical abilities of Maleficent. Where she can rearrange the board with the help of Diaval or can clear up entire rows and columns with her power to cast tendrils.

As one proceeds in the game the player goes through the map of the untold story of Maleficent with each match. Each point of map contains a piece of information about the Maleficent. You set out as young Maleficent in the beginning.



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