3 Best NES Emulator For Android to Play Nintendo

NES emulator can get you the most mind-blowing NES games of that time on your Android mobile.

Although most of today’s generation does not know about Nintendo Entertainment System, but it was the phenomenon gaming console of it’s times. Like the Xbox and PlayStation consoles of today. NES Android emulator can get you the most mind-blowing NES games of that time on your Android mobile. You may think why have a game play of console that has been discontinued in the 90’s. Because its top games are better than most of Android’s games and the emulator will occupy far lesser space as compared to any other emulators.

You may have not heard of NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) but you must have known the best NES games. The games include Mario, Donkey kong and Tetris. To experience these legendary pioneer video games, you just need an Android Nintendo emulator. Check also: PS3 Emulator

Although most of today’s generation does not know about Nintendo Entertainment System, but it was the phenomenon gaming console of it’s times.

Fortunately even being so old, there are several Android NES emulators available online.

Here I’m mentioning some best of the best NES emulators For Android.



[appbox googleplay com.neutronemulation.retro8]


  • User-friendly emulator that can sync with cloud
  • Do multiplayer gaming via Wifi or Bluetooth network
  • Cheat codes, smooth, touch screen gun

Retro8 can help you get some of the most awesome Nintendo games for Android in just a snap of finger. With its amazing features of gun and multiplayer support, you can play it like a modern gaming gadget.

Apart from its non-interrupted gaming you can also enjoy the fast forward along with the Bluetooth connectivity in the game. Retro8 has everything that modern gaming device users demand.



[appbox googleplay com.nostalgiaemulators.nesfull]

Nostalgia.NES Pro

  • Easy to use with gamepad support
  • Play with Zapper (light gun) and Hardware keyboard
  • Quick save & load, cheat codes, stereo sound

This emulator can get you best of NES controls, especially when it comes to racing games. With its turbo buttons, Nostalgia.NES has gone a step further in racing games as compared to its competitors. With its beautiful user interface, it is convenient to use and effective in utility, both at the same time. You can also enjoy some shooting games, for it also supports shooting controls too.

Now you don’t have to worry about the checkpoints you have reached in the game because it lets you save your game advancements with reasonable memory space. Although it has turbo buttons and shooting supports, but it does not mean it is not good with other regular Nintendo games. Because the game pad comes with it will eliminate all your doubts. Also Try the Drastic Ds Emulator on your mobile.


[appbox googleplay com.johnemulators.johnneslite]

John NES Lite

  • Fast pace rendering emulator
  • Save state and load
  • Bluetooth support, cheat codes

Nothing can be more exciting than using cheat codes in a classic game of 80’s. John NES Emulator has the competitive edge over its contenders if we talk about the codes. Cheat codes are an interesting element of modern gaming and gives the thrill of extreme game play that user can have usually from hours of game play.

John NES Lite is not just a cheat code emulator but has fast paced high rendering. Along with it, it is fully equipped with all other features any of top-notch emulators bears, such as game saving and Bluetooth Support.



[appbox googleplay com.emulator.box.aio]


  • Emulator for many consoles along with NES
  • Many features
  • Also for NDS, PSX, SNES & others

An impressive multi-emulator with material design. It can support 20 save slots for each ROM, for save and load game state.

Along with being one of very few emulators that comes with material design it also support external game controllers. As we all know the phone controllers are often the element makes you feel as if you are playing on the console for real, rather on the phone. You can experience this NES emulator to it’s fullest by using cheat codes on it (if short term gaming you want), as it also supports that.

This terrific emulator is quite intuitive to use, comes with features like fast forward and rarely cause issue.



[appbox googleplay com.retroarch]


  • Multi-console emulator
  • With controls remapping
  • Use cheat codes, multi-language support and 80­­­­­+ programmers

The RetroArch is among the very few emulators on Play store, has the ability to do the emulation for so many different consoles. Though it is bit tricky to run it, we mean this emulator needs modular programs called Cores, which you have to download from the website of RetroArch. You will get the link from Google play store by clicking the bar above.

Any how the hustle worth doing because you be pleased by it’s dozens of features and performance.




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