Dream like Google Cardboard Android apps

Google cardboard android apps


Before moving towards the Google Cardboard apps, let’s first see what actually a Google Cardboard is so that all the readers be on the same page (in case if few don’t know exactly). In simple words Google Cardboard is a small box made of cardboard, fits on your head (In front of eyes) and you put your smartphone in it to experience Virtual Reality. Yes it doesn’t only made of cardboard and includes very few other small parts (lenses & small magnets). However you can make it yourself or can just buy from the internet for these aren’t any expensive.

Anyhow, no matter whether you make your own or buy one, you can’t have the best VR experience without a VR app. So let’s dive in the list of Dream like Google Cardboard Android apps.


[appbox googleplay air.com.ercangigi.sitesin3d]


Sites in VR

  •        Travel to different countries and space
  •        See all the world in no time and free
  •        From Mars to the inside of Egyptian Pyramids

This app is one of the finest of VR, via which you can see the sites of several countries and even the space itself. The thirteen countries, you can have a visit includes France, Turkey, Belgium, Greece, Egypt, Macedonia and many others. Either the magnificent palaces, castles or world’s wonders everything will be at your hand’s distance. The VR include the sites of significant places like beautiful parks, ancient places, tombs, religious sites, nature and even some of the 7 wonders of the world.

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[appbox googleplay com.google.vr.cyclops]


Cardboard Camera

  •        Captures VR photos
  •        Capture Photos with sounds (of the moment)
  •        For traveling, family occasions or capturing any memory

If it’s about capturing the moment then no app can do it like Cardboard Camera. For it doesn’t just capture the site but the memory which you can relive.

The VR photos make things look as if you are still standing there, it’s more like a memory flashback in your dizziness then that of a 3D short clip. Especially the details it provides are quite stunning, the app makes close things appear closer and far things far. Gives you the perfect reviving moment experience with sound.



[appbox googleplay com.rabbitmountain.rollercoaster]


VR Thrills

  •        Roller Coaster simulation
  •        Have 360 view during ride
  •        No need of gyroscope (in your smartphone)

This one can give you goosebumps, for it’s a Roller coaster simulation and it is as real as it can be. The reason for its popularity lies in it’s close to reality simulation, that includes different roller coaster rides.

And what makes it so real? It’s 360 view during ride, made of real life footage, and the most important part of all is  sitting on a chair makes no difference then sitting on a roller coaster (while wearing Google Cardboard).

Experience the world’s latest and fastest rides for free but don’t let it spin your head by over doing it.



[appbox googleplay com.google.android.street]


Google Street View

  •        Travel
  •        Enjoy places of the world
  •        Video mode and making your own

Another travelling app in our list but this one is more focused on exploring and the lesser known aspect of different places. Like the natural sites, restaurants and even small businesses of different places. You will also see the museums and epic landmarks on this face of earth, scattered at several points on the globe.

Not just limited to the app’s content but one can create photos and videos of their own. You just need specific type of camera mentioned in this app to create a 360 view of some specific place. Or drive, bike & walk (either way you like) to create photos for VR experience on this app.



[appbox googleplay com.velotech.veer]



  •        Virtual Reality entertainment content
  •        Photos, videos and experiences
  •        Upload your own and share with 180 countries

VeeR VR is a quite diverse entertainment app which provides content of various different sources. From Travel to Roller coaster and from anime to horror you can have any category you can think of.

The content you feel is too awesome to not share can be uploaded on the social media for your social circle. Get yourself amused with photos and videos that have 360 view and there are lots of them in it.



[appbox googleplay com.google.android.youtube]



  •        You know what it is
  •        You know what to do with it
  •        Everything on YouTube is VR supportive

Yes YouTube, and it would be very cruel to not mention YouTube in this list. For it’s world’s one of the best (if not the best) VR sources that includes entertainment, education, audiobooks, tutorial, DIY etc.

We already use this app just imagine to use it again on the VR cardboard. Enjoy the funny videos you watch, educational content you learn from and explore more the world.

Technology like VR aligned YouTube can help you experience the world and make you see so many places altogether that none of the (ancient) human ever had before.



[appbox googleplay com.drashvr.titansofspacecb]


Titans of Space

  •        Space exploration and education
  •        Travel through space and see planets & stars
  •        50-60 FPS, narration and in different languages

This app is something that can amaze you and can educate you at the same time. See many planet and few stars 1 millionth times smaller than their actual size and learn about places future human race may live. The app comes with narration and in many different languages you can have it.

The Frame per sec rate is from 50 to 60, which provides you with quite flawless space traveling experience. The performance may improve if your shutdown all the background tasks on your phone. However you had to have a NEON CPU extension on your phone but don’t worry if your phone isn’t very old most probably it will have one.




[appbox googleplay com.shakingearthdigital.vrsecardboard&hl=en_GB]



  •        VR documentaries, fantasy & other content
  •        See the finest VR content out there
  •        With 3D spatial VR audio & Premium feature include storytelling

If just want to watch the best VR content choose for it’s exquisiteness then, this is it you are looking for. Along with the visuals the 3D spatial VR audio (obviously with headphones) adds more into the content this app has to offer. Watch the best scenes of best TV shows in history along with superb genres.

In 360 mode the app has the ability to turn your VR Cardboard in to a magical window through which you can see the unseen around you.


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