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eBook Reader Apps

Best eBook Reader Apps For Android

From many centuries, books proved to be the best mentors and friends. The ideas, knowledge and practical skills you gain from the books will take years to learn on your own. In this era of screens and devices, one find hard to stay with the old paper books, as they have their own importance you can’t be carry them all the time. The solution for this is an amazing substitute known as eBook, which is not only lesser expensive but allows you to carry a complete library in your Android phone.

There are Apps you should know about, if you are a book lover. These eBook reader apps which are highly effective and significant in building one’s self, yet have drawn little attention towards them. Therefore we thought of creating a post that will highlights and creates awareness about, how easy and convenient it has become to be a  routine Book reader. And instead of spending your spare time in playing addictive games you must invest it in something productive. Following are some eBook apps that can help you to built up reading habits.


Sometimes the factor that limits Ereaders number of pages, is their eye strain. To get over it and get the most out of free PDF you can have online, you just need someone who can read out the whole book for you. Here ebookdroid comes handy. It reads out the PDF files you want to read but get eye strain after reading some pages. This app makes you limitless in reading number of text and pages per day, by just listening to them.

This android application has also speed up the reading process and can change your driving time into more constructive one. While driving to the workplace or back to home you can listen to the book instead of music and after few days you will be able to get the knowledge of a book without doing any real effort.

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Google play Books

Most of the readers never miss the chance of reading free book and are very excited about the idea. Google play books is a great android app in terms of providing a huge collection of the books among which some are free while others you can have for a price. But I am talking about free collection of books that you can read via smartphones. Just download Google play books App to enjoy the stack of fascinating, inspiring and interesting books that will add up to your potential.

In my personal opinion, This app is a must have for every students because in this way he/she can learn diverse disciplines and can discover the real person inside them, as spending time with constructive books is the best way of spending your spare time.

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Ebook apps for android
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Goodreads, an incredibly fantastic application that serves different purposes for book enthusiasts.  This android app also has a site that is a social interaction mean for readers, where they can discuss ideas, share interest and write their experiences regarding different books. By doing this you can save lot of time for readers who spend hours in a book that do not worth their time.

This android app has a barcode reader you can use to identify and get a basic intro of a book. It also allows you to add the book into your library. If you are a book geek then you must visit the social networking site of book lovers on this app site.

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Kobo is a complete family oriented eBook app that has something for each member. You can have any novel, magazine or books for the kids. It is known for its hourly updation of new content that has been launched recently. Therefore, if a popular book hits the market, you will easily get the copy on your android phone or tablet.

You can create a list of books you like and the app will automatically recommend new books to you, based upon your previous reading habits. However the Kobo app is not free but reader can use it’s service for free that cost up to 5$, but only for the very first time.


AlReader ‘s specialty is, it can work on any android device no matter how old it is. It even works on Android 1.6 version.  This android app is a competent eBook application that comes with the customization in the reader’s view setting and book reading. AlReader can cater no matter how old the book format is, so if you have the book formats that no other application supports, then it can help you out. It’s a totally free ebook apps.

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Moon Reader

Moon reader is a simple to use app that comes with a lot of customization features and themes. It also supports different variety of formats from PDF to HTML, you can also make changes to the scroll down settings to set eBook concordance to your reading habits. Recently, this android app has been upgraded in terms of some Material design that made this app even more convenient to use. The Moon Reader charges 4.99$ that is a small price for the ultimate book fans.

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Pocketbook reader

PocketBook Reader, an Application which I personally recommend to all the students and book bloggers, because the app allows you to create notes. It also bears text to speech function that makes reading far more easy. This text to speech function is more beneficial for the book bloggers as they can read even if they have an eye strain after working for several hours on the screen.

This android app has different customization options and it supports a wide variety of file formats. It is a simple, easy to use android eBook application. But the part which makes it most suitable for the students and book bloggers is it’s free of cost service.

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