6 Must-Have Educational Android Apps for Every Student

Best Education Apps

Apart from business and general entertainment, the advancement in technology has brought numerous benefits to the education sector as well. The availability of a variety of smart devices in the market means much more to students. Even those seeking dissertation assistance online can do so with the help of their smartphones through great software applications. Here are some of the 6 must have educational Android apps that students need:



School work can be a lot at times and when not careful, you can easily miss out on some of them. The Studious app comes in to help students remember what they are required to do without forgetting any. Users get reminded of when exams are coming and when they are required to submit their assignments. Amazingly, Studious can automatically silence a user’s phone as they walk into the classroom. All that is required is to import class locations into the platform.


This is a presentation-hosting feature that has proved to be very useful to students to go through their many notes in summary form. The app works around the capabilities of viewing slides, sharing and saving for access when offline. It is a smart way for students to go through presentations while on the move even when away from class. It provides a convenient way of learning around the clock without waiting for a time when they are settled in class.


This application has automation capabilities giving the user the ability to set their own triggers based on where they are. For instance, when in the library, the app can either disable or enable settings that will help you easily adapt based on the environment. It can launch other applications and carry out actions on them. This is a great and powerful tool available for use on smartphones to get you to do what you need to without any distractions.



Creating a collaborative atmosphere of learners and professionals is the main objective of the Coursera application. It connects professionals, students and lifelong learners from different parts with online courses from more than 100 universities around the world.

Users can browse courses and get to watch lectures from some of the best instructors around the clock and from different parts around the globe. There are all sorts of solutions from different academic disciplines.



This is a free application that can help students remember things across all personal devices. With Evernote, students can get organized which translates to productivity. With it, you can capture photos, prepare to-do lists, take notes and record voice reminders. There are other features like Handwriting on the Android platform.

The user can pick up their gadget and in no time write down notes using their finger. Most importantly, the handwriting can be transformed into other versions of notes. There are different modes of use that makes this app useful for students who have a lot to handle in their learning.



As a student, you definitely need a calculator to quicken your calculation efforts. There are various calculator options from store but you definitely need one that meets your needs with ease. CALCU is a slick design and worthwhile for its users who can quickly access the services of a calculator seamlessly.

CALCU has more than the beauty one can see on it. It has scientific functions and stores a history of calculations for your retrieval. This is both an attractive and functional application for use.

The Bottom Line

With the advent of technology and internet, learning has become a lot more fun than in the past. Students are no longer worried about their college homework as was the case in the past. With the development of software applications designed to provide educational solutions, students can comfortably do what they are required to do without having to get worried too much. Discussed in here are some of the educational android apps that every student should use.