Highly Effective Tips To Use Instagram More Effectively

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Being on Instagram means that you can make your business known to millions of people in no time, but you can achieve that only when you prove to be a valuable addition to the network.  You need to have a good number of views and followers to come across as someone who knows why they are on Instagram. The good thing is that you can opt for Instagram views provided by Gramblast to get started, and then work on your content to move up the ladder. Instagram is a place where they will reward you for your consistency and expertise. Therefore, you should be willing to make use of different Instagram features to make your account shine. Here are some ways how you can differentiate from others.

Sharing Highlights Of Instagram Stories

If you want to reveal only a part of your upcoming story on it or want to disclose some details of your upcoming event to create a hype and curiosity among your audience, you can follow these steps to make it more influential:

  • First of all, select or capture an image that you want to upload.
  • Then, select the pen icon and choose a color. You can choose a solid color or neon, or even translucent which will depend on you pen selection.
  • After that, fill the whole screen with color by taping and holding it for a few seconds.
  • Next, select the eraser with the eraser icon and adjust its size according to your need.
  • Now, erase the part of the image you want to reveal by swiping the eraser on the screen.
  • Finally, upload your image to the story.

Instagram story

Muting Instagram stories

Instagram always put forward your preferences when it comes to your news feed. If you don’t want to see stories from a particular account due to their higher frequency or irrelevant content but are interested in their other posts, you can mute their stories without unfollowing them with Instagram`s new feature for muting stories. This feature allows you to stop viewing stories from a particular profile and also stop its auto-playing while you can see all other posts by the same profile on your news feed.

Follow These Steps To Mute Stories

  • First, select the specific account and then tap and hold their stories option.
  • Next, tap on the mute option, and the stories won’t bother you in your news feed anymore.
  • You can unmute stories any time by selecting the unmute option.

Instagram Hacks to Grow Your IGTV Channel

Linking IGTV Videos

IGTV has revolutionized the video content on Instagram with its launch. You will want to link your followers with your IGTV channel.

If you want to link your IGTV videos on your Instagram stories then follow this process:

  • In the first place, take a screenshot or still image from your IGTV video.
  • Then, link your image with the IGTV video link by selecting the ‘Add Link’ option.
  • Once you are done with linking your story with IGTV video upload it as your Instagram story.
  • You can now direct your followers to you IGTV channel right from your stories.

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Searching IGTV Videos

You can always search IGTV videos that are relevant to your field from your Instagram profile. This way you will know exactly what others are sharing on their IGTV channels. You can also update yourself with the current trends that are popular among the users by following others.

Select the IGTV video icon from the top right of your account. Now you can just view the most popular videos there or search the channels according to your preferences by typing relevant keywords. Like you can search for food channels or explorer’s videos.

What’s more, you should consider turning your feed into more of a shopping web-page. This is something you should consider when you find it difficult to link out from Instagram. You can try apps like Later to get you started and make your Instagram profile work in a highly effective way. So, keep all these tips in mind to help your Instagram account look different and more useful too.

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