Useful Electrical Engineer Apps For Android Smart Phones

Electrical Engineer Apps For Android
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Best Electrical Engineer Apps For Android Smart Phones

In this digital age Technology is developing with a rapid pace and facilitating us in every aspects of life. The PCs we use and the smart phones in our pocket have a tremendous influence on our lifestyle and changed the way we do things. Today almost everyone has a high power PC in their hand in the form of phone and they are using it for their benefits via Apps concordance to their use.

You will find training apps, travelling apps, internet apps, shopping apps, educational apps, fitness apps, and even entertainment applications online and most of them are free to use. Apps have also dominated the specific fields, disciplines and niches that require high use of computers and calculators. Such applications are mostly for students and today we are discussing the influence of apps in electrical engineering. Either there are professionals or electrical engineering students or just a hobbyist, electrical apps are the great thing to use. Following are some best electrical engineer Apps for Android that are highly customized for facilitating electrical operations.


This is one of the best electrical apps any professional or hobbyist can have with, 1 M to 5 M downloads. This electrical tool is full of electrical calculators, codes , devices that will help you make your tasks super easy. And if you are a savvy then you will love this electrical app. ElectroDroid contains capacitors, resistors, inductors etc..It also bears all electrical calculators any professional needs such as Ohm’s Law, Voltage,  Battery Life, and power calculator.


Best electrical apps for students

Download ElectroDroid


Now electrical professionals and hobbyist can try out their new ideas of circuits by sitting anywhere and anytime they find convenient. This android electrical app allows you to build circuits and test them, now you don’t have to create complex circuits on piece of a paper without knowing wither they will work fine practically or not. Every Circuit comes with tons of other features and the tools.

Download EveryCircuit


Graph 89

Graph 89 is a free and powerful electrical calculator app that you can download online. It is the emulator of TI-89 calculator that appears on your android phone screen after being downloaded from the internet.


Electrical engineer apps for android

Download Graph 89

Electrical Engineering Pack

Electrical engineering pack is a super electrical and electronic application that is full of the numerous convertors and the calculators. It bears 39 electrical and electronic calculators and 13 electrical/electronic convertors. This app is an all in one pack application for electrical and electronic engineers. Although you have to pay for this app but for professionals it worth paying.


Electrical engineering pack for students

Download EE Pack

Droid tesla

Droid testa is the second simulator circuit app in our list after EveryCircuit. This electrical circuit simulator app allows you to create and test any linear and nonlinear circuit that you can create on high specific PC software. It is far better to use a smartphone for circuit simulation rather than PCs as I always say you get ideas while you have small pockets of time when you are thinking of your problem in the back of your mind. At that time, you can’t quickly test your ideas of circuits if you only work on PCs but you can test them while you are in a waiting line, subway or even taking bath. As ideas can come anywhere?


useful electrical apps

Download Droid Tesla

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