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Best Fashion Apps That will tell you about trendy outfits

There was a time when people who are inclined towards fashion used to have pile of fashion magazines in their room. Actually they used to subscribe multiple magazines on the monthly basis. All this hustle was just to be with the front line of trend setters and fashion designers. Things have drastically changed when it comes to fashion and there are countless amazing apps that can get you the fashion updates, at the time they occur. You can now be as trendy as a super model, the good thing is that you don’t have to spend enough money on these android applications as most of them are free, while some of these are partially shopping apps.

Pose : Best for Unique Style

Pose is an app that get people of any shape and size onto the track of fashion. People who want to use it just have to take their snap and share it on the application, where other can see it and you can get better tips from other users like you. At the same time you can also get inspiration from pictures other people post in the app.

The best thing about this android app is, most of the fashion magazines and fashion websites show 0 size models wearing clothes, which may or may not look good on you but on Pose you can find trendy and good looking well dressed people that matches your shape and size. It will be a better choice to follow or get inspired by such people, you can also make other people follow you by changing your wardrobe into a happening cloth line.

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Stylect is the complete shoe fashion planet where you get news, reviews and fashion updates from the recently updated blogs in the app. You just need to download this on your android phone and you are ready to change the way you used to choose your shoes and buy them. As it is also a shopping app that allows you to do the online shopping of huge variety for trendy shoe wears. If you have stylect on your android device, you will never be outdated in the footwear trend.

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Gilt : Top Brands for Women,Men and Kids

Gilt is a fashion cum shopping application that comes with the huge sales for big brands. Unlike any other, the sales it provides are mostly exclusive to the application and not available on other shopping sites.

Even if you are not in the mode of shopping you can checkout new trends and fashion that may be help you reuse that old dress you have in wardrobe that have faded in the world of fashion. Like fashion continuously repeats itself with few minor changes or you can alter some of your old clothes concordance to the new trends. No matter how you use it, it’s a fun every way.

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