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Best Fighting Games for Android
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Best Fighting Games for Android

There are not too many good fighting games for android phone, however there is a reasonable segment who wants it. Most of them are those who have the old addiction and memories of challenging games played gaming consoles. As the battle games were the most famous genre one can had on gaming consoles.

For those arcade lovers, we have mentioned some of the best fighting games for android.

Iron Kill: Robot Fighting Game

For those who want to revive their memories of old fighting games like Tekken 3 and Street fighter, Iron Kill: Robot Fighting Game is something they must try. As you can judge from the name, kill iron is about the fighting between two Robots, one will be yours and the other one of your opponent’s.

Iron kill has several different robots among which you can choose of your choice. This also has an option to upgrade your bot via several different fights and events. The game is simple but it does not mean you will get bore after playing it a day or two. Iron kill has multiple modes you can enjoy.

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Robot Fighting Games
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WWe immortals

For WWE fans, this android game is a great game, as it is not a regular WWE game. WWE Immortals contains legendry WWE stars such as Undertaker, Rock, John Cena and many others. This is developed by the makers of Mortal combat and Injustice, maybe that’s why carries the same controls system. WWE immortals is totally different, as it has wrestling stars from different timelines. It is also different from the conventional wrestling game that is carried out in the ring.

The King of Fighters ’97

I know many people who were crazy about the king of fighter’s series and used to play in the game parlor for hours. Although for new generation gamers it seems a bit too old school, yet it is like a college reunion for those who used to play it.

The graphics that has been introduced in the android platform is not different from the old one, in fact they are the same. While the controls are not too good but are at least good enough for the fans. As everyone know Android phone has few limits when it comes to controls, however it is a overall fun. You don’t need any internet access because accepting a challenge will only need blue tooth connectivity.

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EA Sports UFC

This game is an ultimate fighting game developed by EA. EA is known for some best games such as Need for Speed and FIFA for gaming consoles and PC. Now the UFC has made its way to the android platform. Although this is not much fun when it comes to controls because smartphones can’t have joysticks, because mostly what you can do on mobile phone is just tapping. But for those who are fan of this genre, it can provide them some serious amusement.

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ultimate fight gaming

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Shadow fight 2

Shadow fight 2 is a martial art fighting game that has fantastic animated graphics. It is one of those games which has dragged fighting games to the zone of reality, as you can respond far more quickly to the opponents attack even if it’s a flying kick. You can hit back with a great swiftness, which makes it get it stand out from other typical games.

As obvious from the name, both the players will appear as shadows but the scenery of the background will be mesmerizing. Shadow fight 2 allows you to upgrade your skills and fighting weaponry, if you have done really well in previous fight. This shadow fighting 2 is an amazing thing you can get download for free on your android device.


Real steel champions

Based on an action movie in which a bot do boxing with others robots in the ring, while being control by its owner (Hugh Jackman). That was the plot of the movie in one line. Obviously in the game, you will control that boxing robot and got to overpower other high specs robots. Real steel champions is more amusing for those who have watched the movie and liked it. Even if not you would not regret downloading it.

It has two different versions you can find online as both are available for free so you can try out both and can choose which suits you best.

Hockey fight pro

Hockey fight pro is a funny and unusual approach of a fighting game. It is something any hockey player would find entertaining. As it is based on the situation where hockey players start exchanging punches in the moment of heat during a match. The fighters you will see in the game are not any fictional characters but real-time hockey players. You can choose among the top notch hockey players around the world.

When it comes to the graphics, we can say, it is something in its primitive phase. In my personal opinion, it is an overall reasonable fighting game for casual players and will prove much nicer for the hockey lovers.

Fight in hockey game
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Punch hero

A game known for the modification you can make to its characters. It is typical fighting but creativity at its best for the creation of fighting players. You can change or make new characters from hair to body, you can modify everything. For those people who have great passive aggression for their bad bosses they can place a real time photo as a face on their opponent.

It is more of a casual time pass funny game rather than a serious one, but getting really praised for its unique idea.

punch and win game

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Way of dogg

If you are looking for a game that is highly customized for android devices then it would not be wrong to say, way of dogg is one of the best. It is a comic theme fighting game in which you fight by swiping a pattern appears on you android screen. There are very few games that have mobile friendly controls to this extent.

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