Best Food delivery Apps For Mobile

The food delivery apps are great blessing for frequent travelers as they don’t know much about the restaurants of new places they travel to.

Food delivery services make our lives easier and now with the these apps we have better options to enjoy the best cuisine nearby. The food delivery apps are great blessing for frequent travelers as they don’t know much about the restaurants of new places they travel to.


Food delivery apps not only deliver the food at the every possible location but also make sure that it should make from the restaurants that suit your taste.



  • Reviews of cuisines and restaurants
  • Search by category of food
  • Pay faster with credit card or PayPal
  • Track your delivery
  • One of the most reliable services

If you are food enthusiast then this will help you to find the food items from restaurants nearby your office or home. Thus you can make search for specific cuisine which will be shown on your Android screen. For effective use, you can put the permanent location of your residence or workplace. If you travel much and worry about that either this app will work at the places you go, then you will please to know that Grubhub works in 1000+ cities.

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Takeout and Food ordering App For Android which serves food in more than 1000 cities.



DoorDash - Food Delivery
DoorDash - Food Delivery
Developer: DoorDash
Price: Free


  • Advance order
  • Quick service
  • Order with fewer tapping

Doordash is a great food order app, known for customizing your order out of the restaurant menu. Although this customization feature is only available for some big cities such as San Francisco, Silicon Valley etc. But don’t worry even if you don’t live one of these cities, the application makes sure you get your delivery within 45 minutes no matter where you are.

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Doordash is a great food order app, known for customizing your order out of the restaurant menu.




  • Most iconic food app
  • Save food by favorites
  • Reliable for every country

As most of you have already known about this delivery application, in our opinion it is still best of all. Foodpanda not only provides you with the customization restaurant menus but with the great deals and coupons of many restaurants. Don’t think if it provides discount, it would compromise over global hygiene standard of foods. It only does business with the specifically selected eating place.

The feature which I like most is the constant updates of the food being delivered from the restaurants to you.




  • Track your delivery
  • A big name of food service
  • Good payment methods

Uber is a big success in taxi business and now they have introduced their food delivery app known as UberEats. As Uber is doing well with the transportation which brings more credibility to its food ordering. Although this Android application is currently working in only big cities yet we can see that it will make a big difference globally. It has a feature of estimated order time which can vary from the customers location and proximity to the restaurants.

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  • A good substitute of best app
  • Really works when other don’t
  • Order from anywhere and get delivered

It has taken the food delivery service a bit far as it not just deliver food but anything from anywhere to your door step. In this way, you can’t only have the food from restaurants the app has a partnership with, but from any other restaurant. Such as the favorite ice cream from ice cream parlor in the next block or even the chocolates from the candy shops.

Place an order from any restaurant by using this food ordering app.
Postmates Inc.



Caviar - Food Delivery
Caviar - Food Delivery
Developer: Caviar, Inc.
Price: Free


  • Office lunch delivery
  • Customized menus
  • Photos of menu

Although the service range of cavier is only limited to U.S, actually to some specific cities of U.S. Yet we have mentioned it in our list for its credibility. This is the developer of credit card reader that exists in most of the smart phones.

Cavier delivery app allows you to find the restaurant in your area. The features it provides vary from city to city but it’s an application that you must try (if it is available in your city). However, it’s a potential giant in the world of food delivery apps you will find and next five years or so.

Find great restaurant in your area using caviar.
Caviar, Inc



Deliveroo - Essen Bestellen
Deliveroo - Essen Bestellen
Developer: Deliveroo
Price: Free


  • Reliable for fast service
  • A user-friendly app
  • Provides meal really fast

Deliveroo supports European (but for some specific countries or even cities of the country it supports). This is an amazing service when it comes to food delivery in Europe, if you live in UK, Italy, Germany or in a city it provides its services then you must use only deliveroo for food delivery. It has a time limit of 30 min for every delivery order you place on the application. And the best part about it is, that it is free on Google Play Store.

It has a time limit of 30 min for every delivery order you place on the application.

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Eat24 Food Delivery & Takeout
Eat24 Food Delivery & Takeout
Developer: Grubhub
Price: Free


  • Let you know about promos
  • Get food fast by pre-order feature
  • Interact with diner community

It has a great range of cities it provides the services to, which is about 1500 cities worldwide. Therefore, if you live in a metropolitan no matter where in the world, there are the chances that eat24 would be available in your city. However if you are concerned about that eat24 does not collaborate with your favorite restaurants then you are wrong, as sometimes such high quality apps are choosy so in selecting the restaurants they will show in the application.

Eat24 can help you placing your order from the menus of different restaurants situated in different locations worldwide. If you are a food lover, then eat24 is a must have in your Android device.




  • Track your food
  • Pay easily and faster

When it comes to convenience, there is no match of seamless and a competition you can find in any other Android cuisine app. Seamless helps you to find the cuisine you want to eat by keeping in consideration that which price range it should be in. You can sort out the restaurants based upon your cuisine, location and price range.

For example, if you want to eat pizza then it will tell you about the best pizza makers near your home and if you put a specific price range it will only show those restaurants that meet up to your demands.