5 Android Data Recovery Tools to recover Photos,Text,Videos

5 Android Data Recovery Tools to recover Photos,Text,Videos

Nowadays the content our Android devices contain is no lesser important than the property papers we place in the bank vault. It has our text, photos and several other documents, including official content. But sometimes accidentally we lost our material or delete it by mistake. If that has happened with your data, you don’t need to worry at all.

Because the data you delete is not permanently deleted from your phone’s memory but actually the memory gets marked to place more data on it. It is still there and you can recover it. But avoid taking pictures or sending text because it can affect the data recovery. The moment you notice deleted data you must avoid taking photos and sending texts. Because this can permanently erase the data from your Android phone forever. Following are some data recovery tools for Android. Check also: FRP Bypass Tools

Android Recovery transfer

If the data you want to recover is in an Android device, then there is no better option then Android Recovery tool. Android Recovery software can even recover the deleted text messages and videos from your memory card. In this way, you may encounter a great problem solver for data recovery. No matter what amount of the data you want to recover, it will help you do it. This is the best recover tool for android in our list.

EaseUS MobiSaver

EaseUS MobiSaver tool can recover all the information either intentionally deleted or by accident. Its one of the most well trusted and reliable tool for recovery to do so. if it’s not Android then you can go for this software. The tool works like most of the others, after giving a scan it will start recovering all data on your phone.

DDR Android Data Recovery Software

This is a master data recovery Android tool that can do it for any device. Either its a laptop, tablet or phone. It will recover the data with great ease. If you are a gadget guru who has tons of material spread among many devices then its a must have for you. It can work on the single data byte of any device you are scanning. After giving a scan you are all set for the recovery. A simple but highly beneficial data recovery program for every frequent device user. See also:  Android Mini PC



Prevention is better than cure” is also true for data recovery. Instead of panicking after you loss very vital piece of data, it is better to avoid such incidents by taking proper precautionary measures. Wondershare Data Recovery is that precautionary measure that can do it for you. Apart from the devices that can help you recovering data, it avoids it at the first place and also the suffering you go through even just for few minutes. This is a great data recovery tool for professionals who don’t leave anything to chances.

Eassos Android Data Recovery

Eassos is free of cost Android data recovery tool that can recover all the data from your smartphone. It can recover any data, placed anywhere on your device. Before recovering it scans the device and presents a preview. After which, you must double check the content in preview list you are looking for. Now once you are done with the preview, do the recovery. No matter either it is your e-mail or important pictures in the SD card, it can recover it with great ease. The best part is you don’t have to pay anyone anything for your most important thing.

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How to Recover lost data from Eassos


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