Best Android Free Audiobook Apps

Android Free Audiobook Apps

Audio-books help you to read the books while exercising, cycling, waiting or travelling. Every time you read a book you evolve into your better self. Therefore, have audio book apps in your Android devices and keep developing yourself as a human being. Use every single second of spare time because life is very limited and next time you go for a family trip, don’t forget to download a suitable book app for your happy journey. There are some really easy to use and best audio-book apps, some of which we have mentioned in the list below.

LibriVox Audio Books

Get ready to listen up your favorite audio-books and don’t doubt that either LibriVox will have it or not because it’s a library of 24000 free audio-books. You can have books from any genre you want, from biographies to novels and short stories to self helping books, it has what ever you want. You just need to tag a name of your favorite book and it will appear on the screen. The books can be listen into the voice of different narrators. Each single book is available in the voice of more than 1 narrator. Librivox is a leading name in the world of audio books and you can rely upon it for your Android book App.

[appbox googleplay biz.bookdesign.librivox]

Smart AudioBook Player

For those who feel their eyes getting tired after they go down few pages on the e-book, this audio book app for Android can play the role of a perfect substitute. Just listen to your favorite book without worrying of missing out few words or lines because with the shake playback feature, you can playback by just shaking your phone. It also allows you to make bookmarks of your audio-books which allows you to read more than 1 book at a time.

Never again worry to bookmark the progress of your book because the application can do it for you. It will save all the books you have listened to you and how much you have listened them. A perfect tool for senior citizens and book enthusiasts. See Also:  Voice Recorder Apps

[appbox googleplay ak.alizandro.smartaudiobookplayer]

Audiobooks from Audible

It is a precious treasure for book lovers because of its 200,000 books and extra controls, it will make you feel like holding a real-time paper book in your hands. Ready to be a book geek and just finish up some popular fancy titles down this weekend. You can jump from chapter to chapter and listen up them again and again in the voice of your best narrators. A user has to listen some specific parts of the books after completing them but finding the exact chapters was a struggle for me but now this app has changed it.

You can go for short stories or long fictions and biographies because its speed control feature, you can listen to your desired book in far lesser time and even half the time those books you have already listened too in the past. The Audible application has some interesting rewards for regular book listeners.

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With its reservoir of 30,000 libraries, you hardly again feel the need to change the book app again. Either eBook Reader or audio-books you can read them the way you like. Change speed and pause whenever you want, its audio-book functionality is quite user-friendly.

Adventure Audiobook Collection

Adventure Audiobook specializes in the master pieces like Alchemist. You can play any of its adventure fantasy novels with any speed you want. A great companion for long flights and waiting lines. With this Adventure audiobook app, You will live thousand lives before dying.

[appbox googleplay com.andromo.dev236075.app249963]

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