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Nowadays every person has high resolution cameras with sky-high mega pixels in his/her pocket, which in turn increase the demand for video editing software and Apps. Not very long ago, video editing was something limited to only professional photographers and video makers. But today’s high quality phone cameras has made it accessible to every hobbyist. Although the professional expertise of video editing is not yet available on Devices of regular usage but you can use your Android phones to do some basic editing stuff. Following are some really cool Android video editor apps if you are looking for one.

FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor

For all newbie Vloggers and YouTube Chanel owners, FilmoraGo is one of the best video editor apps that can help you with the video updates or video editing from anywhere, anytime you want. From the basics to a bit tricky part, Filmora can make things very simple for you. You can cut, trim the video or even can put the special effects of slow motion and can reverse it with great ease. You can prepare a perfect video for social media and even for YouTube too, while the best part is no one calls you immature.

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Even if it is your personal family video for capturing the precious life memories, filmora can do the magic for you. Add titles and filters to your video tutorials if you are a vlogger or add music and elements in your birthday party video to get it upload and gather far better likes on Facebook.

[appbox googleplay com.wondershare.filmorago]

Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Magisto can convert any clip, video or even photos into presentable film. Add different effects and music by working few minutes on the Magisto. It is specially designed for regular people who wants to make his every day videos and clips for social media more appealing. As everyone nowadays using photo filters for selfies, it’s the great video editing app and next need for social network videos and clips.

The best part is that you can even create videos of your childhood memories by placing your photographs and pictures when there was no instant video camera. Synchronize your parents’ marriage photos and your second standard birthday party photos into classy way and add some cool soundtracks to make it look like a professional work and it will surely look great.

[appbox googleplay com.magisto]


Androvid can change your clips into highly attractive videos you can’t even imagine. It has everything from basic features such as volume, brightness, covert to mp3 and animated GIF creation. You can make slideshows you never had seen before. Leave the old PowerPoint slides and next time you give a presentation, create a video slides with some special effects so you can stand out.

Some other specs include splitting, trimming, merging videos, adding the music and text. You can even pick out the frames you want to create a video from or even just eliminate few frames spoiling your videos. A free video editor and magic tool that will change your clips into the video you want.

[appbox googleplay com.androvid]


You can do whatever you want with Video shop either it is pulling out few seconds from the video or writing some animated tittles or even merging two videos together also work fine with this free video editing app. Put songs and musics in the background and change the title of the color according to your taste. After doing it you can wait to get countless likes on your Facebook. A simple and highly personalized video editor tool for common Android user.

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[appbox googleplay]


If you have not ever created an amazing video but you are planing to do so then Quik App can be the way out. Most of us who begins as YouTube vloggers or want to create video presentation or even want to make compilation of your past important moments with friends, can’t do it in the first go because there are too many things to care of and may be we don’t have that much great high resolution cameras or other instruments which give videos their awesome touch.

So starting with the photograph can be a cool idea. Start it with Quik, collect all the past photos of your family whom you want to wish birthday this weekend, arrange it in reasonable sequence and put background music, that’s it leave everything else up to Quik, it will do the photo transformation in a very aesthetic way with the perfect rhythm and beat of music, it will move its every inch of digital photo. And you would not risk your time to create something stupid if have not tried it before.

Quik can be a comparatively very fast paced video creation app with least amount of resources required.

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