Best Android Games for Girls To Play

Best Android Games for Girls

Most of the games available either on PC, consoles or smartphones do not meet the expectations of little girls.As they are designed for mass population of gamers who like fast pace challenging games with lot of the action and close to reality experience. While there is a specific types of games that are girly in nature and would fully satisfy a small segment of girl gamers. Following are the best Android games for girls.

Star Girl

Who can manage a wardrobe better than a girl? Your challenge in this girly game is to maintain yourself and create your persona in the showbiz as a celebrity. How better you do depend on your avatar and your fashion sense. You can update and unlock new apparel to level up your rank in the world of glamour. You can either be a model, actress, or even singer. To spread your charisma and brighten your star power, you have to manage the things as if you are a superstar.

This fashion game is about what all the girls dreamed of at some point of their life.

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Shopping Mall Girl: Style Game

A real woman hardly leaves the chance of shopping and if you are real lady then this Android game let you feel great about it. We can not shop everything and everyday but this game gives you a pleasure of shopping without being caught up by the expenses. You can shop clothing and apparel that matches your style and will be in a shopping mall and your designer will suit your taste, it can be also seen as a shopping stimulation that can make you a better decision maker when it comes to shopping. You can determine signature look and can know what kind of look you want.

Either you are a classy wardrobe keeper or want to look like an fanky urban girl, this game for teenagers will give you the look you desire.

With its 3D graphics, you will feel like having a shopping training program instead of game. Shopping Mall Girl is loaded with hundreds of dresses and accessories you have ever dreamed of.

[appbox googleplay com.cocoplay.shoppinggirl]

Bonnie’s Brunch

You are a young girl who wants to travel the world and love cooking. Your grandpa has given you a food van which you can carry along with you anywhere you want and can also follow the passion of cooking too. You will serve brunch to people and show your talent to the world by serving country to country and city to city making the food they like. You will learn too much about the cooking and travelling and meet multi-cultural people all around the globe. There are 50 different challenges to conqueror in the way and prove yourself as a dream hunter. A challenging game which almost every young lady would love to play.

[appbox googleplay com.studioirregular.bonniesbrunch]

Cooking Fever

Cook your favorite food worldwide in different places and locations. Get the taste of different traditional dishes by making them yourself. If you have not tried but always wanted to, then you will surely enjoy it. Lots of locations and challenges to overcome. There are many new levels you gonna experience and some really hot game play in the kitchen.

It is not just about the cooking and cuisine but how you represent it to your customers. Decorate the restaurants that suits your taste and enjoy having more and more customers every time. A really cute girl game in which hardly any girl would have tough time playing.

[appbox googleplay com.nordcurrent.canteenhd]

Puzzle Barbie

There is a little Barbie fan in every girl and it shows up in their eyes when they see a Barbie item. The Barbie game will again spark up their eyes because you have to move and drag pieces to make pictures of Barbie. And with it you are improving your brain power as solving a puzzle game. With many stages, you will mesmerize every time you unfold beautiful Barbie picture. If you like the picture of Barbie too much then there is an option to set it as your Android wallpaper.

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Supermarket Mania

You are the inventory supplier from a small town and have to take care of 5 shops. Actually you are a helper of girl name, Nikki who have to make sure that her shop buyers never get out of the stocks. Visit every single client’s shop with appropriate time intervals so you can manage the things without getting your buyers into trouble.

Obviously things will change as demand and supply of product may fluctuate and that’s the game all about. Make new tactics to manage your time and see how you can work like a super human. This girl game for free requires a bit of tactical skills and girl’s ambition to be a boss.

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Bakery Story

It is never too late for a girl who opens a bakery and make tasty and good looking confectioneries. Design the bakery of your own choice and see how good you can run it. Impress your customers with creative and cute decorations on the pastries and cup cakes you sell. Obviously how your bakery looks like also matters, so give it a fresh look with light colors and eye catching symbols. Take care of your customers with best service in your area. If possible and feeling lonely, just invite your friends to be in your neighborhood. They will also be in your area as bakers and you will share ideas about baking with them.

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