Best Games like Clash of Clans for Android

free games like clash of clans

There are quite few games that can make users engage for such a long time as clash of clans has. It has that element of novelty that makes you feel important. You start as a chief of small clan and keep growing your defense, army and resources until you turn it into one of world’s most well-recognized Empires.

Every time you attack other player’s clan or someone attacks you, the winner gets awarded with some trophies. Your total number of trophies will determine your rank. Anyhow there is so much in Clash of Clans that we can write more than 2000 words and it would still lack some quite interesting elements, so why don’t we just jump on the our topic of “games like Clash of Clans” and discuss some really cool Clash of Clans look a likes. Check also: Real-time strategy games

Although Clash of Clans is just magnificent and has set such standards for the players that can hardy be matched by any other game, yet there are some equally amazing substitutes. Even where few are developed by the makers of Clash of Clans.

Age of Empires

Be a commander of your Kingdom and fight in the frontier row. A Clash of clans like game, where things work on the same equilibrium of developing and destroying kingdoms. Gather yourself some highly skilled warriors to snatch the victory. It has some research options which by using knowledge of science will make you a better commander on the battlefield. Never underestimate other online players because the rules are the same for everyone and that they might be smarter than you.

Build a strong Kingdom to avoid enemies attack and ferocious army to crush the opponent.

[appbox googleplay]

Sky Clash

It’s a fantasy place with strange-looking creatures that will fight alongside you against the army. You have a cute Empire on the big piece of cloud and your job is to make it more bigger. Visit and gather dwarfs like creature to get them recruite in your army and let the other online players know that messing with you will cost them a lot.

Create alliances with other Kingdom owners like you can in clash of clans and get the reinforcement required at the time of need. Change your small Kingdom into a giant Empire and have one of the world largest army which will shout loud that you are a great strategist.

[appbox googleplay com.absolutist.skyclash]

Clash of Lords 2

Clash of Lords 2 is a quite impressive RPG game like clash of clans with the equal level of strategy supremacy. If you are not a strategist and don’t give that much attention to it then it will be hard for you to survive in the game. With so many warriors, each with particular trades will make up your perfect army.

Get your resources save by taking the right decision on time. Collect loots and items to give you an edge in the battle. Hundreds of resources and fun items will make you stick to the game. The specialty that really make people play it lies in the player vs player mode. You will be fighting against a real-time strategist somewhere in the world and the best player will take the victory. If you have gotten fed up with the clash of clans game, then it will give you the expected change.

[appbox googleplay com.igg.clashoflords2]

Plunder Pirates

If you ever been fascinated with the pirates then let me tell you, you would love the Plunder Pirates. In this game, you will own an island and a fleet of ships. Use the best strategy, recruit pirates, increase the number of ships and defeat all your opponents. The game has a different theme but the same scenario and spirit like clash of clans.

[appbox googleplay com.midoki.pirates]

Castle Clash

Castle Clash does not just sound more similar to clash of clans but has more resemblance in the methodology in its game play. Raise yourself as a warlord and conquer all the Empires surrounding your own. Reinforce your army with some best merges of diverse background of troops and use them to the best of your advantage. Strategy is the right word describes this game best.

[appbox googleplay com.igg.castleclash]

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