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Best first person shooter games like far cry

A real fan of Far Cry can not forget the thrill of being on a tropical island as a protagonist. This single player shooting game has many different elements combined in a single game. You will feel the thrill of adventure and freedom of a virtual world. But if you have done with Far Cry and want to move on because of usual ever-changing taste then we have a lot better options for you. Don’t worry you have a good taste and we will help you find the games like Far Cry for Android while you take care of rest being a gamer. Give a look at the following amazing Far Cry like games.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Step on to the battlefield as savior of the world. The great leaders of the world are in the clutches of terrorist and you have to rescue them to avoid the nuclear apocalypse that will swallow all the world. You are the last ray of light that has sparked up some hope into the people. Unleash the spirit of warrior and mind-set of the strategist in you.

Shoot to kill, save time and bullets. Overcome the hurdles of shooters and mercenaries. This First person shooter game like Far Cry will make you some unforgettable experience and is included into the list of games like Far Cry by some really experienced level gamer. Check out: Third person shooter

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Modern Strike Online

It is some real weapons confrontation that has taken the experience a bit far. You will demonstrate your shooting skills not as a solider or a secret agent but as a simple cop. Don’t worry there is not any tight limitations you used because there are too many to hold into your hands. 50+ incredible modern weaponry you can choose from. Perform different missions from 10+ maps and show how good you are into this ammunition combat.

You don’t have to be worry about getting it finish due to its addiction factor. There are 5 modes which hardly can be completed in a week or so. A game like Far Cry with some serious cop fight in the dead matches where there is nothing like a backup plan. Either you prove yourself or die doing so. It is a real Far Cry substitute that can meet the needs of every kind of players.

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N.O.V.A. Legacy

Either go for the story mode or play the dead mode, either way you surely will like it. This Nova game by Gameloft is based on the first episode that has real gun action which involves some real guns and competition in multiplayer. It’s multiplayer mode supports about 4 players at a time. So don’t miss the chance to have some fun with your Nova friends. Stop them getting to you by using some really powerful and destructive weapons. Give the full warrior spirit to the battle and rank up high in the leader-board.

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Sniper Strike

Sniper Strike comes with dozens of missions and countless first person shooting action. The weaponry along with the environment gives you a real experience of gun shooting. While the physics is just magnificent. Don’t just go with the flow of a specific mode but instead try different modes of this game.

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Deus Ex: The Fall

Deus Ex is about living in a world where you directly influencing the global conspiracy taking place. A one of its own kind blend of spy game and first person shooter, where your brain and physical capability require to be at its best.

Don’t forget it is not just about you but the lives of billion people is at stake.

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