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Best games like gta vice city for android free

GTA San Andreas is an open world game where you are a criminal who got released from prison after the death of his mother. You just have came back to the same criminal neighborhood of San Andreas. Now in this Open virtual world, you are free to do whatever you want. There are regular missions you can go for and if not that, there is so much more in the game. Get any car you want moving in the streets and not just cars, you can drive trucks, bikes and can fly plans and helicopters too. There are shops where you can buy some weaponry and not just one kind of weaponry but all kinds of guns.


Luckily there are some amazing games like GTA and not just one or two but there are many alternative of Grand Theft Auto out here. If you had played GTA V in your teenage and wants something like that but not the same game then there are some other cool options to go for in the list below:

Gangster Town

Gangster Town will take you back into the same scenario of GTA where there is only one law which is, there is not any law. Steal the car you want to drive or the bike you want to ride and shoot your enemies with some really advance military level weaponry. Actually you get whatever kind of ammunition you want, because there is not proper law enforcement here. From machine guns to bazookas, you can have what you can name.

This GTA like game has excellent 3D graphics with superb mechanics. Along with the environment, the cars and other vehicles are destroy-able like GTA. You can fly helicopters or can try a ride on tank. There are special forces on the streets which may try to stop you. There are missions you can go for and earn some money. From vehicles to guns, there is hardly any limit in this city of crime. It can be seen as a reasonable look a like of GTA.

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Rope Hero: Vice Town

This game projects you like a one man solider who has stepped into the world of crime without his memory. The game starts as a young man wearing solider uniform and with some lost memory. Your job is to go on the quest and in the discovery of your own self. But first you have to learn to survive in this dirty place.

Learn the ways of this full of crime and be the part of it. Align with some criminals and fight those who come in your way. There are 10 quest lines you can go for and with every mission, things gonna reveal to you about your identity. Up til then enjoy shooting real-time high-tech guns with some stainless bullets and drive any vehicle you can think of. An Open World Action game like grand theft auto with some positive characters, although a little bit but atleast it has some.

[appbox googleplay com.mgc.RopeHero.ViceTown]

Grand Gangsters 3D

Grand Gangsters also works on the same idea of being in the dirty neighborhood where everyone is trying to hurt someone. You being a gangster can try to take over the all city or can live a peaceful simple life.

But hardly anyone would download this gangster game to do. For those who do not like the former idea can go out for shooting enemies with more than dozen guns or can steal vehicle. Earn large amount of money by completing criminal missions and rise your name as most wanted guy in the town.

There are motor races and other amusing activities you can take part in and can go for any other thing that attracts you. This game like GTA in Play Store is close to real life scenario with graphics that will leave you speechless. Do what you want to in this 3D virtual world on your phone.

[appbox googleplay com.wordsmobile.grandfightgangsters]

The Grand Wars

The same gangster lifestyle can be enjoyed in the Grand Wars. Either its styling yourself or shooting enemies in your neighborhood. It has all the elements mix and awesome GTA like game. Rule your neighborhood and raise the ranks of gangsters. Be the boss and show everyone the neighborhood belongs to you. Like GTA game, you can steal the cars and can do hit and run. Rash drives in the entire city and try different automobiles.

[appbox googleplay com.gta.gangwars.sanandreas]

Grand Gang City

Grand Gang City shows up the culture of Los Angeles in a bit different light. The city has been ruled by different families and you belongs to Haters. A specific area of city is under your control and now you have to take revenge for your bro’s death, who had been killed in a gang war. The same GTA like features but in a more sparking way.

[appbox googleplay com.fivefpsgames.gta.grandgangcity]

Winter Mad City 2

It feels like being in an alternative reality of GTA. But you are not dealing here with any gangster but the typical mafia. Don’t worry you would not get hurt but only experience the excitement of living the life of a gangster.

[appbox googleplay com.EG.madCitySnow2]

Either use conspiracy to overthrow the gang leader or take part in gang wars. In any way the game is extremely thrilling. You would be enjoying playing some gangster role. Don’t let others to kill you. Survive and thrive to reach the highest rank of a gangster.

Freeroam City

Why be so alone in a cool place like Freeroam City? As this game is only the parallel GTA substitute with novel feature of hundreds of players interacting with each other. Imagine a world where each game character is a presenter of some real person behind it.

[appbox googleplay com.indig0.freeroamcity]

Meet new people in this virtual world game and go crazy by making some hustle. Fly helicopters or do stunts on military vehicles. The game is astonishingly amazing no matter how you play it.

Hammer 2

Your mission is nothing except ranking up as a high-profile gang leader of the city. You against all odds gonna be the God Father. But for it, You have to make some room at the top by cleaning up your rivals.

An action game filled with breath-taking graphics, guns and copters.

[appbox googleplay com.xformgames.hammer2]

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