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Ludo Star is a simple to understand and fun to play game, in which two, three or four people can play at a time. Ludo game is a board game of Indo-Pak region. Although it does not has that level of strategic element but it’s go with the flow game play has made it an Apple of everyone’s eye. But there is only one thing we can say is forever and it’s the change itself. Everyone like some change even with the favorite games they always been playing. So is the case with Ludo star, there are some Android games like Ludo star you should give a look at.

Carrom 3D

Carrom 3D is a phenomenal game where Ludo is close to heart for the natives too. For those who do not know what carrom is, it’s a game similar to snooker where you have to pocket disc of colors sliding on the board. You have to do this by striking the disc with your fingers. There are only 4 pockets at each corner of the square board. This Carrom board game is quite simple turn based strategy where four players can sit at each side of the board and start playing it turn by turn.

If you find it difficult to understand, don’t worry you will get use to it in the first easy level. Later, you will get enthusiastic about the game and will enjoy playing with some serious Carrom board geek. This works the same way on your Android as if would in real life. The physics is awesome as far as the concern of friction is, because friction plays a far greater role in the game as that of any other physics agent. If the disc slides too much on the slippery surface, the game will lose its true spirit. But for those who has been playing the real Carrom would hardly find any flaw in the mechanics.

[appbox googleplay com.zagmoid.carrom3d]


Monopoly is a real board game available for the Android devices too. Use your strategic abilities to gather as many resources as you can. There will be properties including hotels, gardens and houses which you will later get possession of and trade with other players. It is also a turn based game like ludo and you play it with a dice. So download this ludo star like game that used to be the center of intention for families during the weekend nights of 90’s.

[appbox googleplay com.sharkparty.monopolybingo]


A world domination game where the idea of ruling the entire world is what, the game is based upon. Infront of you on the screen, you will have the map of entire world divided into different regions. You will create an army and attack these regions one by one. There will be 6 players included in the game while the whole game play is online.

There are many other players you will interact online and if you find it a bit confusing, there are tutorials to get the whole concept. Enjoy different online modes with your friends and try to rank as high as possible in the leader-board. You can chat at the same time while playing like Ludo star and there are emoji to express your feelings.

[appbox googleplay com.hasbro.riskbigscreen]

Ludo King

Ludo King is a ludo star alternative with the greatest resemblance. It works the same way as that of ludo star but obviously the pattern and features vary a bit. Like ludo star, you can play it either offline or with the players all around the globe. Enjoy playing it with your family as being a dice game it is more about luck than that of tactical thinking or planning. A great game with endless moments of entertainment.

[appbox googleplay com.ludo.king]

Snakes & Ladders King

This simple game is no less popular than the ludo. Each player would test his luck by throwing a dice and the number will decide how many steps you will advance. But at random boxes, there are snakes you may run across. If you will be lucky enough to pass all the boxes with snakes, you have to also make sure to make it to the end before your opponents. A real fun, family game that can either be played on multiplayer mode or alone in arcade mode.

[appbox googleplay com.mobirix.SnakeGame]

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