Best Games Like Pokemon For Android

Best Games Like Pokemon For Android

Although Android Gamers have gotten over the Pokemon GO after playing it for long hours but even now they miss such ideal concept of game play. Being intact with the reality and drawing out the fictional world into reality, was something Pokemon Go had done exceptionally. If you are one of those players then don’t worry there are some other cool Games based on the idea of Pokemon. You can again entertain yourself by catching creatures and competing with real life opponents. Miss that thrill, go check out the best Android games like Pokemon that you will never regret downloading on your Phone.


Step onto a newer level by creating creatures and monster instead of catching them like Pokemon. Your monsters will be the manifestation of your thoughts and will make a great difference between your defeat and victory. Do it with great care and make them fight into the battles. See Also: Cartoon games

It is necessary to do it with great care because the compatibility of one monster with another plays a vital role in determining your victory. It means if they are not compatible with each other you would have hard time on the battlefield. Design them by considering the weakness and strengths of every little monster you have designed and bring into the life of game.

[appbox googleplay com.naquatic.monstercrafter]

Dynamons World

Revive your Pokemon go game play and catch the fighting Dynamons. The whole idea and animation of Dynamons was highly close to that of Pokemon. Even the animations were quite similar to each other, so if you want a Pokemon style game then this is the way to go. Catch Dynamons and increase your competency as a player. Challenge the players and prove your rank as a trainer. Train your monsters and polish your skill to raise yourself as a champion on the battlefield.

Set on an adventurous journey with the maps in game and find the opponent equal to your match. Participate in online battles and test yourself as a player with other online opponents.

[appbox googleplay com.funtomic.dynamons3]

Neo Monsters

Neo Monsters is the perfect Pokemon go alternative that worth playing as a substitute. With its tons of levels, strange creatures and long hours of  game play you would not easily get bore with it. It has 6 modes known as Leagues and each one can be hardly completed with in less than 10 hours. Neo Monsters allows you to play fight with 4 creatures at the same time and see how different monsters can be grouped into a perfect combo.

Discover your perfect teams of interesting creatures and rank up yourself at each of 140 levels. Remember like the Pokemon GO, these all creatures avow unique abilities and by training them and putting them into the groups suit them best, will change them into an unbeatable competitor. The graphics are same as that of Pokemon Go, with all these cute animated graphics you can enjoy yourself. Check also: Digital card games

[appbox googleplay com.pockettrend.neomonsters]

Dragon Mania Legends

Your competency would be determined by your dragon. Along with, you will travel across the land battling with many players. Raise up high on to the rank by competing in big leagues and prove your skills and abilities as a trainer. Don’t forget to train your dragon because how good you have done it will show up in the competition.

Weekly and seasonal events are conducted on the basis of ranks while you can participate in any match or can wait for the next one.

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