Multiplayer Fighting Games like Tekken

We have decided to compile a list of games like tekken that are not just similar to Tekken but also carry the same fighting spirit.

The entire series of Tekken have been really entertaining for more than just a single generation of gamers. It has introduced unique and one of their own kind fighting characters that were popular among gamers for their unique fighting style and looks. Each character follows a specific fighting technique from Aikido to Brazilian jiu jitsu, you will find characters with every fighting style.


Actually each one has its own story-line and if you manage to get it to the end you would see the entire story of that character you were playing with. The tekken experience is unforgettable for most fighting game lover. Therefore, we have decided to compile a list of games like tekken that are not just similar to Tekken but also carry the same fighting spirit.


Mortal Kombat X

Mortal kombat X is no small name in the world of fighting games and it is also up to the expectations of most hardcore fighting game fans. It is a 3D fighting game that has a unique element of card playing instead of just focusing on the fighters. Now you have to also be concerned about collecting cards. As these cards will provide you the fighter that can make you a real winner.

Mortal kombat X can be considered as a fighting game like Tekken as it contains novelty of characters, the fighting style and costumes they wear. Actually every character has its different way of ending a fight. Although it may get a bit violent for kids and also not recommended.

Enjoy this multiplayer game that has evolved into a master piece over time and you hardly can deny the fact how much it was popular in old times. But it contains the same amusement of fighting and bone crushing excitement.

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Contest of Champions

It is another name in the list of Tekken like games. Contest of Champions has an advantage which hardly another Tekken series game provide, which is you can choose more than 1 hero as your fighter. By having more than 1 fighter by your side, you would able to cover the weaknesses of your other fighters and will surely make it to the end. Never select two similar players in your team because this may can put you in a situation where both may carry the same weakness and your competitor can get real advantage from it. However a nice game to have some real god time with your friends.

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Shadow Fight 2

This is not just about covering the levels by defeating your opponent but also developing your fighters too. The fighter here would not just have a unique fighting martial art but would also use a deadly weapon against its competitors. Make sure the weapon your fighter carries is understood by you. Make your fighter grow with respect to skills and modify its character as you proceed different stages in the game. It has great customization option to make game real fun. Check also: Android MMORPG

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WWE Immortals

There is no fight like real fight. WWE Immortals take you to the ring where real-time wrestlers are fighting against each other using some professional tactics. You would fight using some famous WWE star that will ultimately make you famous like a superstar.

You are not just a video game fighter but a real celebrity that has some worth outside the ring. Enjoy it as your hardcore fans are shouting your name carrying billboards with your name on it.

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Iron Kill

Iron Kill has some real iron because the fight is between the robots. These iron filled, man of steel would attack real hard to take over each other. It is suggested that you have some good plan to win the fight because your opponent is not an immature fighter. You with your robot fight with several different giant and powerful robots who will fight flawlessly in the ring. You only need to focus at the moment and stop thinking about what would happen next. Just be in the ring and you will win every fight you encounter.

A game with real-time astonishingly breath taking graphics whereas the control are highly compatible for Android device.

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