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real gangster games on mobile

Gangsters are always been a famous topic of Hollywood movies and therefore, many games have also been inspired by the gangster lifestyle. Although we later separate the fiction from the fact when we grow up but as a teenager, hardly any boy is not fantasized by the gangster movie.

So there is no wonder why the real gangster games are getting popular on Mobile. Today finding such is not a headache but finding a real gem is the big deal now because of the abundance of such games you can see at Google Play Store. For making your problem easy we have listed below some Highly rated & best games of gangster. See also: Best Action games

Real Gangster Crime

Step into the crime world of Vegas where no one is your friend. Give a close gaze on your map and missions a head.Or you can just wander in the city and have some fun. There is every thing in the game which hardly any gangster movie avow. You will be a gangster, you may encounter some cops and other law enforcement officer. Stand strong at your place and act as real-time gangster.

Step into the crime world of Vegas where no one is your friend

Steal cars, trucks and bikes of your choice and unlock powerful ammunition to defeat your enemies in the free gangster game. There will be military ammunition you can hold into your hands. It’s not just limited to the weapons, you can also operate some military vehicles and tanks. In this destroy-able environment, everything acts like real-time simulation where things get destroyed when you hit them with the bullet.

The cars and other vehicles on the streets are also destroy-able. You can go for some regular missions or earn some money by doing some side jobs on the streets of Vegas. Upgrade your weaponry and make your name as big shot gangster.

[appbox googleplay com.gta.real.gangster.crime]

Gang Wars

Being a member of a gang, your job is now to survive in the dirty gang wars, taking place in the city. You have to be vigilant against your rival gangs because the rule of do or die apply here too. Get cars for yourself, ammunition or properties to enhance your strength as a gangster. Let the underworld know that you are something. Recruit as many members as you can and build your own gang. You will act as gang leader and rank up high to the position of a Godfather.

In this crime game, survival is the only option you can go with. Experience the life of a gangster in this gangster simulation game.

If you wanna enjoy it on PSP, then download PSP emulator to run it on your Android device.

[appbox googleplay com.geniteam.gangwars.lite]

Gangster Town

You are a gangster but a smaller one and to rise up high, you have to create some reputation by gaining trust and respect. Like any other 3D gangster games, dangerous ammunition is also the part of the game which you need to gather to accomplish deadly missions. Prove yourself into the world of crime and get allies of other gangs that will fight alongside you in the time of need. Buy exotic cars and beautiful properties. Live the life of a mafia gang lord whom no one can mess with.

Make yourself a high-profile gangster by getting F-90 tank and helicopter. Use your exceptional resources against your enemies and let them know that the city belongs to you.

[appbox googleplay]


Cyberlords is a sight of predicted future where cooperate sector has almost dominated all institutes. Now the co-operate surveillance is harming the privacy of a common man and making them feel threaten. You, a bad guy who is doing a really good job of saving common people from this dehumanization of co-operate world. But it would not be as dull as it may sound in this description, instead you will encounter hand to hand combat and will do some spying too.

[appbox googleplay com.hg.cyberlords]

Auto Theft Gangsters

It perfectly fits into the definition of a gangster game where the entire city is like sitting on the dynamite. Every next moment can be your last. You are surrounded by the people like you, I mean the gangsters who are willing to kill anyone for their benefit. But instead of being afraid from your competitors or wasting time, drive your favorite car, climb up the rank of gang leader by performing the missions and undergoing deadly challenges. Auto Theft Gangsters has everything what makes it an addictive game.

[appbox googleplay com.doodlemobile.vicecity]

Downtown Mafia

Nothing can be more respectable in the underworld to be associated with the mafia. Show your deadliness and cold attitude towards the enemies. Let the city know who is the real boss. Don’t get it too seriously, just enjoy driving cars and holding your favorite weapons like a boss. Feel like a star and experience this full to action game play.

[appbox googleplay]

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