General Knowledge Apps For Android

General Knowledge Apps for android

Best General Knowledge Apps To increase Your Exam Score

It does not matter how easy it gets to access knowledge using smartphones and computers, if you have a knowledgeable mind it sparks up into your eyes and people will listen, when you talk. Apart from it everything the men has created up till now, all the developmental stages we have gone through, it cannot be achieved without the tool of knowledge. Therefore, from the time we born to our death, we are in the constant state of change in which our brains and thoughts are changing too.

Your brain is a muscle and developing it, will make you a master of the power, no other weapon in the world can provide. It can make you a person larger than life, like Charismatic person with extra ordinary ingeniousness.

There is some of the Best General knowledge Apps mentioned below that can help you to grow your mental powers and can make your mind extended.


[appbox googleplay com.cb.gk&hl=en]


General Knowledge 52600 +Faqs

  • Designed for competitive Exams in India
  • Contains vast range of Categories for general knowledge
  • Have quizzes to evaluate your performance

Besides being a GK app, it is a highly useful one (app) that can help to get prepare for different exams if you are a student. This is fully loaded with different quizzes and categories of discipline you can know about. Business and commerce, General sciences, history, IT and computer sciences, politics and the sports you can know about anything you want. This Application is a great facility for getting ready for any national exams include SAT, IELTS, CSS, Government Job test and TOEFL.

Even if  you are a simple learner who has an unquenchable thirst for the knowledge then it can be the perfect match for you.  A great thing that has well balanced knowledge related to the diverse field of discipline.



[appbox googleplay com.mmi.jagran.josh.gkquiz&hl=en]

GK Quiz – Current Affairs Quiz

  • Caters categories like, Hollywood, Bollywood, Current Affairs, Innovations & Discoveries
  • Perfect to prepare for GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT
  • Blend of easy & tough question quizzes

Gk quiz is a fun trivia app and a great treasure of knowledge. You can get some serious quiz challenges or can choose the specific category related to your interest. There are different options among which you can know or give quizzes you like to. The options include the categories of  arts, technology, geography, history, medical etc.

Don’t think of it is some simple General knowledge app, instead it’s a really serious one if you practice different quizzes on it. It would not only enhances your GK power but also gets you pass with flying colors. The exams it can prepare you for includes GMAT, MCAT, TOEFL, and MBA. It has a progress program that records your daily performance and makes you know it. GK quiz also bears leader board in which you can also rank your name at the top; because there is always room at the top.



[appbox googleplay nithra.quiz]


General Knowledge Quiz App: Learn and Practice

  • Gaming approach
  • More than 3000 questions
  • 34 categories to choose from

This app is loaded with more than 30 different categories and you will find 3000 questions related to different topic, from Food to Electronics. Gk Quiz app will not only enhance your knowledge for the related subject but provides you the necessary diversity for nurturing the brain. Their amazing feature can help you to use the application easily and at the same time enhances the benefits you receive. You can have daily quizzes that would get you in routine of digesting daily dose of knowledge and will gauge your performance too.

With its bookmark feature, you can bookmark questions, you want to understand more deeply. A complete pack of information has interesting facts and the figures about different events and anomaly related to different areas of knowledge.



[appbox googleplay com.vd.worldgeneralknowledge]


World GK

  • Nearly 80 different categories
  • Support 25 languages
  • Complete support & regular updates

World Gk is really effective application that specializes in preparing for exams, either competitive or entry test. The topics it covers are highly specialized and diverse at the same time. You will find every subject from current affairs to database. This android app has more than 15000 questions to answer while there is a regular updation that will constantly add up to its quiz bank. World Gk is available in about 25 languages therefore can be used by android users from all around the globe no matter which country they live in or what language they speak.



[appbox googleplay com.gktalk.kidsgk]


Kids GK

  • Developed by a famous Indian teacher, (Imran Khan)
  • Specially designed for kids
  • 56 highly diverse & non-bookish categories

If you are a parent who wants to give the best to their younger ones or a teacher who is highly conscious about the learning of their young students, then the application can be a perfect tool for you. It is of the best kids’ general knowledge app that can increase GK of the kids no matter what age group they belong to. It will make them learn in so exciting way that they will forget they are learning. Kids GK is although designed especially for kids but its more than 1000 questions can make you better understand about things, you thought you knew. As it is user friendly therefore, no kid will find difficulty in operating this Gk app. For those who are finding an App or a Game to make children learn in a fun way, this is the application for them.


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