Google Play Store Alternative For Android Users

Google Play Store Alternative

It’s always feels so good to have an option and other alternative Android app stores. Although, there are great variety of several amazing apps on Android Google Play Store but sometimes you can have the application you want for free at another Android Store. Below we have discussed about few such Google play store alternative and have described some of their prominent features.


Appbrain is a great illustration of such alternative Android markets we have mentioned above. Appbrain helps you to find outstanding applications and helps you with downloading the apps and dealing with the payment system if demanded. But this alternative to Google Play Store only caters US users and is of no use for the people outside US. Yet you will be able to see the apps, it is offering but for being outside the U.S you can’t avail the services it provides.

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AppBrain For Android

Baidu App Store

Baidu is a Chinese based Android App store which is giving a tough time to Google Store. The reason of its success is, it is providing a much wider range of the apps to its users that Baidu is using as its competitive advantage. The reason for its much great variety of apps is its supply chain. Baidu store is operating as a third-party for numerous other stores and displaying all of their applications collectively on their stores.

Baidu App Store

MobiHand OnlyAndroid

It is also working for several other app stores like Baidu but it is also known for providing great discount offers to its customers. There is an offer name “Deal of the day” makes you able to download a particular really big discount. This best alternative to Google Play Store also sells mobile phone accessories and also has an app via which you can instantly get to their stores. Check out: Gameboy Color emulator

Insyde Market

Insyde Market is mostly popular for the indie apps they are providing but the good news is most of these indie apps you can download for free. It also bears some popular iconic applications.

insyde market


Aproov is an App store one of its kind. It provides you with the apps that are free and have uploaded directly by the developers. It although has newly started and they have not much applications you will find at their store, but it has great potential. Aproov is a website based app store where developers provide viewers with their videos of their performing application that they have developed. After which users can download the apps of their choice. See also: IOS vs Android

Amazon App Store for Android

This Amazon App Store for Android is best for you if you are looking for a substitute for Google Play Store. Amazon Store has proved till now as a biggest competitor of Google App Store by providing an enormous variety in tremendously diverse categories of applications. If there is an app you find fascinating but could not search at Google you must give Amazon app store a try.

Amazon store for android
Amazon store



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