Greenify Donation Apk Free Download For Android

Greenify Donation Package Apk is an idiosyncratic way of saving your battery life. Android phone battery is one of those components that had not been received jump of progress more often like the other software components and Android versions receives.

Greenify donation apk is an Android package kit that deactivates those apps that you are not currently working with. And which consequently saves you a lot of phone battery.

If you are thinking why it is not an app but an apk like other Android software. Well, it is not a regular app but a particular one that helps to make changes with the restricted by default settings of Android. This greenfiy apk can be downloaded from the link below.

Greenify donation apk free download

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Features of Greenify donation apk

  • Wake up tracker
  • Notification after hibernation
  • Speed up your processor
  • Boost mode
  • Saves battery

Android Greenify will simply make the background unwanted apps stop working so they don’t consume any of your phone’s RAM and battery. By saving up the battery power and processing speed, your Android device will start running smoothly as if it were a new handset.

Whereas the notifications and tracking of your phone usage can help you have better estimation about phone’s consumption when planning to going the places where you cannot find recharge easily. Analyze your usage behavior with the greenify app.

Here are the amazing tips for improving and saving your Android battery life.

Features of Greenify donation apk

Download Greenify apk

Before you download greenify apk, make sure you have Android 3.0 or following version.

Downloading Android greenify is not a difficult deal. Just need to follow these bunch of instructions below to make it work within next 3-5 minutes.

As greenify is an apk, so before you download it, enable the unknown sources option in Android settings. There you will find that option. Now you can download the apk.

Greenify pro apk

After you would be done with the download, just install it. After installation, it will change your phone into a high-speed Android gadget.

Greenify Download

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