Best Hack and Slash Games For Android

hack and slash RPG

We recommend Hack n slash to all those who are addicted to the Action games. Hack and slash games provide you the gratification like no other action genre can. May be that’s because of the simplicity and less time consuming casual game play it offers. There are hundreds of them piled up on Google Play Store.


You are a sword warrior who has not many options when it comes to avoiding the sword attack of enemy. Swipe swiftly and precisely to keep surviving while facing out tons of global sword fighters. There will be many you will encounter when passing from different places while being on a quest. You would not just fight but discover the new things, upgrade your swords and buy items from the vendor you meet on your way.

The levels are a box of action packed bombs which will unfold its effect after being played for the very first time.

[appbox googleplay com.kiloo.stormblades]

Demong hunter

Demong hunter, a cool dungeon game where you will shoot and have fun of a legendary adventure. With more than 95 levels, this hack and slash provides the best of dungeon experience. There are 6 characters that will provide you with the diversity and change not many hack and slash games provide.

With this action rpg dungeon art piece you would not have a movement while you were not either jumping, shooting, running or hitting.

[appbox googleplay]

Order & Chaos Online 3D MMORPG

Order and chaos will take you to its unforgettable adventure and lots of action. The game is known for its great diversity and huge variety of skill customization options that numbers in about 2500. These are actually skill customization which you need to survive till the end of the game. Travel through the world by experience 1200 amazing mission and trade & interact with as many people as possible.

Go through battlefields and fight to be raise as a conqueror. Let other online players know about the proficiency of your game play in P vs P mode. You will experience one of the best Hack and Slack MMORPG ever.

[appbox googleplay]

Angel Stone RPG

Step in to the world where demons and the angels are standing against each other in the battlefield. Crafting, hundreds of skills together are waiting to be discovered. The game play highly suitable for any Android device because of the convenient control and cross platform feature. You can go for player verses player mode to learn about your skills in the game while give a tough time to other opponents playing from country to country throughout the world.

[appbox googleplay com.fincon.angelstone]


Being the warrior of kingdom of Ezura, your ultimate aim is to defeat Queen of thorns but it is up to you how you do it? Going through many challenges to prove yourself as the one who is destined to it. You will face dungeons and enhance your skills and powers. There are about 500 swords you can use in this hack n slash game. There are so much like this to explore that will leave you astonished while playing for the very first time.

[appbox googleplay com.artifexmundi.balefire]


Its been 20 years after the dooms day and now human race is at the verge of extinction. But you can be the hero and can save human race from getting extinct. You being the combo of machine and humanity, use it as a weapon and secure the survival of human beings against all odds. The game has sophisticated audio and high tech graphics an amazing package for perfect hack and slash game.

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