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Interior Design & Home Decorating Apps To Decorate Your House

Home decoration is no joke, you have to pay expensive professional to get it right . But if you want to decorate your home like the interior designs you have seen on Pinterest, then  don’t worry there are Android apps can do it without charging anything. You can have app on google play store, to unleashes the adept designer in you.


Homee is an incredible free android app works a bit different from other home decorating apps. As it also sells furniture that it will charge for but not the app itself. You just need to snap few pictures of your home and send it to the system. By processing the back-end data you have send, application administrator will tell you, how your home can be decorated. The services they provide will include the analysis of your interior home structure and the designed pictures of your home.

You have to set different categories and answer some questions, such as either the design should be child friendly or not, or do you have a pet ? After sending pictures, you will receive a portfolio within few days from the application service provider. You will be in contact with the service providers via chatting. At the end if you want to buy the furniture they have suggested you, you can but if not, there is nothing to worry about.

Apart from the furniture they are selling, this is totally free to use and does not charge anything.


Houzz is the best interior designing Android app on this list and on the internet (In our opinion). It has more than 5 million high resolution pictures of beautiful home designs. It has also received some serious good comments from CNN.

The specialty of this Android app apart from the fact that it is the best, is that it also has amazing exterior designs for your home. You can make your home the exact copy of designs you found on Houzz. It is enormously useful and provides you with the helpful guidance to decorate home for even those guys who has no sense about designing or decoration at all.

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Home decoration apps for android

Download Houzz

Homestyler Interior Design

You can use this android app by just taking a snapshot of your lounge and bedroom. Design it yourself by placing 3D pictures of real time furniture on the photos. And if you liked the design you have created, then you can buy the exact same furniture via Homestyler App.

The application is one of the best Home Decorating Apps, however it provides no home decoration design itself but as the matter fact there is abundance of interior designing ideas on the internet. Therefore you don’t worry about the interior designing ideas, as you can find them easily on Google images but the facilities this design app provides you, you will find nowhere.

Download HomeStyler


Although home decoration is the pure art yet it requires a vigorous measurement to get everything the way you have planned. How many times it has happened that you have bought some furniture or carpet mats that does not look the way or does not fit the exact zone you wanted them to be. Here Magic Plan can help you out. This android app is a wonderful app that would measure every wall to wall distance of your floor and create a floor diagram of your house using measurements. In this way, you don’t need to take measurements every time you go to purchase some furniture again or if you impulsively buy something without any plan, then you don’t have to worry about the question, “it will pass through your bedroom door or not?”.

Store your floor plans in app
Sensopia Inc

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Bedroom Decoration Designs

If you are looking for an android app especially for bedroom decoration, then here it is for you. You can get the best guidance possible via application by further sharing and viewing already shared photos. You can get design ideas about bedrooms of all kinds such as couple bedroom, bachelor or kids bedroom. You can save pictures of best decorated bedrooms in your phone and the best part is, it’s free to download.

house keeping and bedroom decoration
Supreme Droids

Download BDD

Virtual plan 3D

This is a next level of interior and exterior decoration. Using it you can not only create a 3D blueprint of your desired home design but can experience it with augmented reality technology. Virtual reality can help you to see the things more based in reality rather than that of your mind’s eye. You can get better idea how things would look like in reality. You can not imagine how a structure would look like but you can see its beauty by converting it into a virtual model.

Virtual Plan 3D although may not be a need for young couples who have got recently married because there are other applications for casual interior designing. But it is a step forward in the direction of future where every person can be detail oriented like a professional interior designer. In short it is for only perfectionists. This hi-tech innovative interior decoration tool is free of cost.

Home design 3D Gold

This may appear similar to a virtual plan 3D, as it may in some aspects is but differ in lot of others. it has changed the way a common man used to design his home or the setting of his lounge and bedroom.

It is extremely easy to use due to its drag and drop options, using which you can not only create basic structure of your house but can also add minor details such as flooring and furniture. You can also change the color of walls, add wallpapers and accessories on the wall. This is a mind blowing application mostly used by professionals (similar to virtual plan 3D).

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