How to download & install the Google Play Store

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The reason for installing the Google Play Store when Android phones have it by-default may sound confusing to some people, but there are some solid reasons for that.

The most popular one is that not all users get the latest updates of the Google Play Store the moment they get release by Google. Other reasons range from “accidental uninstallation” to “not working (Play Store) app”.

Anyway regardless the reasons, Google Play Store can be downloaded and install on your android device with 4 simple steps.

How to download & install the Google Play Store infographic

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STEP 1: Check Current Version

First, you have to check the current version of your Play Store app.

To do that:

Go to Google Play Store> Settings> scroll down> there will be the version in the bottom.

This step is necessary so that you don’t confuse some older version with the current one. Make sure that your android phone is not too old to be compatible with the newer version of Google Play Store you want to download (which is quite rare).


STEP 2: Download Google Play Store using APK

For those who don’t know what APK is? APK (Android Package Kit) is technically an app that used by Android operating system, it is a package that contains installation of mobile apps.

In easier words, it is used for downloading apps from sources other then Google Play Store, such as in our case, as we can’t download Google Play Store’s newer version from Play Store itself.

Therefore, first we download Apk file and then installs it.

Hence, we will download an Apk from other sources on internet, but make sure those sources are reliable and secure. Because you are downloading an app without the supervision of Play Store.

In this case, the Apk we will download is APKMirror. Click on APKMirror and find the Play Store’s version you want and then download it.

Though there are other sources to download Play Store’s APK on the internet but ApkMirror is generally thought as much reliable by the majority.

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Step 3: Enable Unknown Sources & Install

User enable Unknown sources option when they have to install an app from a source other than a Google Plays Store itself, and it is for securing your phone from suspicious apps.

As ApkMirror is secure, you can enable unknown sources option without any worry. However there are two ways to do the “Enable unknown sources” which solely depends upon your android version, either it is Before Oreo or an After Oreo version.

For Oreo & after Oreo version:

  • Settings> Apps & notifications> Select your web browser (i.e Google chrome)> Advanced section> Install Unknown Apps> Allow from this source (disable it later)

Now install the Apk you have already downloaded or If you haven’t downloaded it yet, go to APKmirror website, download and install the apk from there. You surely will receive warning messages because of Enabling the unknown sources, but as it is a secure Apk there is no need to worry.


For Before Oreo versions:

  • Settings> Security/ Privacy> Select “Unknown sources”> you may see a warning, read it and click “OK”.


Step 4: Disable Unknown Sources

Now, as you are done with the downloading and installation of Google Play Store, Go back and uncheck the Unknown sources.

It’s Done!


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