How To Fly A Drone Camera

How to fly a drone camera

Drone camera is one of the latest invention which has not only won the hearts of the kids but also the adults. They are operated with a remote control and the instructions are given on it. You have to fly it like a toy and cover the event or take pictures from an aerial view or above in the sky. They are mostly used in big events and weddings to give coverage to the occasion.

Important points

But before getting over excited about it, you need to learn how to fly a drone camera because if you will not be trained enough then the body of the drone is made up of plastic and can easily collapse damaging the camera as well. Here are a few instructions which will definitely help you in being confident about flying your drone camera successfully. This guide will help you how to prepare the first flight, get airborne and learn the basics of the flying strategies.

Opening the box

Read the instructions carefully and watch the related videos or take a demo from the shopkeeper. Join the parts in accordance to the instructions and the nuts should be properly tight. Load the remote control with zero meter battery. Once you have joined all the parts properly its necessary to learn about its parts and their usage.

Parts of the Drone Camera and their Usage:

Remote Control: It adjusts the settings of the quadcopter and operates it accordingly. You can hold it in hands and operate it by moving your fingers on the buttons accordingly.  

Propellers: They spin and move as suggested by the manual controls. The intensity of spinning depends upon the direction and force used by the quadcopter.

Camera:  The drone cameras are coming along with different options. Some depict the live streaming, others just take the snapshots and the more professional ones can cover the whole event in the form of video recording. But it all depends on how well the pilot is operating it for filmography or photography.

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Controls: The controls operate 5 different positions as told below:

  1. Roll: By pushing the right stick in the left to right direction, it will rotate the quadcopter in the same direction too.
  2. Pitch: If we move the right stick forward or backward then the quadcopter also takes the same direction.
  3. Yaw: When we push the left stick in left or right direction then the quadcopter also takes the same direction while flying and it helps in changing its direction while moving.
  4. Throttle: Pushing the left stick forwards will increase the pace whereas pushing it backwards will decrease the pace. It also manages the altitude of the drone camera.
  5. Trim: The buttons are used to control the direction of the drone camera when the stick is not operating or the drone is off balance.

Maneuvering or Positions:

Turn or twist: It is like rotating of the drone camera in clockwise or anticlockwise direction.

Hovering: It is moving or staying in the same direction to give the coverage from the same direction.

Conclusion: These were a few tips that will prove helpful as a tutorial of the first lesson telling you how to fly a drone camera and operate it successfully in your very first attempt. You can also control your drone with a smartphone or iPhone.

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