How to get Sinnoh Stones in Pokémon Go 2021

how to get Sinnoh Stone

In this post questions that we will shed some light on:

1) How to get Sinnoh Stones in Pokémon Go (and What is Sinnoh Stone)

2) How to use it?

3) Pokémon that can use Sinnoh Stones

4) Interesting FAQs.



1– How to get Sinnoh Stones in Pokémon Go (and what is Sinnoh stone)


This post’s specialty is that it entertains both advance and beginner-level Pokémon Go enthusiasts.

Let’s start from the beginning.


What is Sinnoh Stone in Pokémon Go?

As most of you already know that, it’s no new very rare evolution item for specific (22 species) Generation 1 & Generation 2 Pokémon to evolve them into Generation 4 stage. Plus you need some Candy for that too, (but as Candy is not rare therefore not an issue.)

For example, you can evolve Rhydon into Rhyperior using Sinnoh Stone and 100 candy or Sneasel into Weavile.

It’s exclusive to level 10 trainers or above, used for all cross-generation evolutions.


In simple words, Sinnoh stone is required for some Gen 1 and 2 Pokémons to change into their better version (Gen 4). It’s an item like Unova stone (if it helps to understand) but for a different Gen range.


How to get Sinnoh Stones in Pokémon Go?

First of all, it’s not at PokéStops and you have to be patient. Secondly, there is no 100% guarantee of getting Sinnoh Stone even if you do the struggle, but below are the least difficult ways to get Sinnoh stone (with the highest probability.)

Can get Sinnoh Stones from:

  1. After completing the 7th day of the Field Research (Highest chances)
  2. Doing 3 PVP trainer battles (free battle, not Go Battle League) per day + 1 team leader battle per day (Second Highest chances)
  3. Battling or defeating a Team Go Rocket Leader e.g Arlo, Cliff, or Sierra (Good Chances)
  4. Battling 3 team leaders on Community Day (Good Chances)
  5. Participating in Go Battle league (Good Chances)


  • Spinning the regular PokéStop will hardly do any good for getting Sinnoh Stone.
  • There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to finding Sinnoh Stone, therefore there are chances you may not get Sinnoh stone even after doing the drill.
  • For some it may take a couple of weeks, since you first start playing to get your first Sinnoh Stone.)

As mentioned earlier Sinnoh Stone is currently only available to trainers level 10 or above 10.


The above-mentioned 5 ways to get Sinnoh stones are placed in descending order.

  • This means the first method has the highest probability (no guarantee) of the dropping of Sinnoh Stone as a reward at the end of your seventh field research day. For those new, each Field Research day will get you one stamp, and 7 field research days = 7 stamps. Here you may see Sinnoh Stone dropping.


  • Daily taking part in three PVP battles and one team leader battle has also shown quite promising results when it comes to dropping of Sinnoh Stone. It has second-highest probability after Field Research. Also, make sure you do (PVP) free battles, not the Go Battle League.


  • If you have done the above two and still have some (daily) time for Pokémon Go, then you can do a battle with Team Go Rocket Leader.


  • It has been seen that players get up to 10 Sinnoh stones if they do more than one battle with Team Leaders and PVP on the Pokémon Go Community Day. The Community Day is a once-a-month event therefore doing point 2, (which is participating in PVP battles and Team Leader battles) can enormously increase your chances of Winning Sinnoh Stones. Though instead of doing just one Team Leader Battle you should do about three during Community Day, along with PVP.


  • If all the rest has done by you and either you have found some Sinnoh, but want some more OR unfortunately for some reason didn’t find a single one, then you can also try your luck in Go Battle League in your extra time. Otherwise the above-mentioned with reap you the best results, if you keep doing them.


  • Even if you don’t win the Sinnoh Stone after doing some of these tasks (which is highly unlikely), it means you may need some more time (you should do as per the methods mentioned above and be patient.
  • If you don’t see the Sinnoh Stone you may see some other evolution items or some rare candy)

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2– How to use Sinnoh stone Pokémon go

To use a Sinnoh Stone you will also need 100 candy and for few creatures, it has to be a particular gender of that creature.

Anyhow, currently you can evolve only 22 kinds of specific Pokémon into Gen 4 with Sinnoh Stone.

All the 22 4th generation Pokémon that require Sinnoh Stone to evolve, are mentioned below.



3Pokémon who can use the Sinnoh Stone

  1. Dusclops »evolves into» Dusknoir
  2. Porygon 2 »evolves into» Porygon-Z
  3. Gligar »evolves into» Gliscor
  4. Misdreavus »evolves into» Mismagius
  5. Magmar »evolves into» Magmortar
  6. Rhydon »evolves into» Rhyperior
  7. Male Kirlia »evolves into» Gallade
  8. Tangela »evolves into» Tangrowth
  9. Aipom »evolves into» Ambipom  
  10. Eevee »evolves into» Glaceon
  11. Eevee »evolves into» Leafeon
  12. Magneton »evolves into» Magnezone
  13. Nosepass »evolves into» Probopass
  14. Lickitung »evolves into» Lickilicky
  15. Yanma »evolves into» Yanmega
  16. Snorunt (female) »evolves into»Froslass
  17. Electabuzz »evolves into» Electivire
  18. Togetic »evolves into» Togekiss
  19. Murkrow »evolves into» Honchkrow
  20. Sneasel »evolves into» Weavile
  21. Roselia »evolves into» Roserade
  22. Piloswine »evolves into» Mamoswine



4– FAQs of Sinnoh Stone (pokemon go)


Q1: All 18 4th generation Pokemon that require the Sinnoh Stone

Currently, there are 22 4th generation Pokemon instead of 18, all of which are mentioned above.


Q2: where to find Sinnoh stone pokemon go

BEST Method:

  1. 7 days of Field Research
  2. 3 PVP trainer battle + 1 team leader battle

GOOD Method:

  1. Battling Team Go Rocket leader
  2. Battling on Community day
  3. Take part in Go Battle League


Q3: Which Pokemon should I evolve with Sinnoh stone?

The types most effective in battling, bring three Pokémon on top: Weavile (Sneasel), Electivire (Electabuzz), Roserade (Roselia) respectively.

After these three Rhyperior, Honchkrow and Porygon-Z are good secondary options. It’s not based on their Max CP but their type coverage and battle feasibility. These are the best pokemon to evolve with Sinnoh stone.


Q4: What Pokemon use the Sinnoh stone?

22 Pokémon use Sinnoh Stone, the list is mentioned above


Q5: What needs a Sinnoh stone to evolve?

1oo candy and (obviously ) a (1 of 22) Pokémon that use Sinnoh Stone to Evolve.


Q6: How rare is a Sinnoh Stone Pokemon go?

There is no precise data for it but (a rough estimation) for best case scenario it’s approximately 1/5 (1 out of 5) and for worst it’s nearly 1/11 (1 out of 11).


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