How To Start Android Development Company in Delhi

Android Development Company

In the last maybe a couple year the clients of cell phones has quickly expanded and tallying is still on. India stands second in the quantity of Mobile cell phones on the planet. Out of the six billion cell phones on the planet, around one billion is being utilized in new Delhi in India (70% of our present population of India). Around 6 million People are consistently joining in Delhi. Each site or Company needs its own android application. Particularly if its giving an online Service.

Scope of Android Development in Delhi

Costwise Delhi Android Developers are exceptionally practical. The greater part of the applications in Play store have created or have inclusion being developed from Delhi. Delhi designers are working decently, anyway no one can give you such a decent application created in a such a moderate price. There are others nations like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Shri Lanka are likewise there in list who gives modest advancement services. Until Android is in every single mobile gadget its extension will never kick the bucket. Android is extending itself, to wearables, automobiles and different territories. So we can state that there is extension, degree and extension for Android Development in India and others nations.

In Delhi, individuals utilizing advanced mobile phones requests for better and valuable applications, which thusly incredible breadth of android mobile application improvement in Delhi. Android has turned out to be extremely famous outlined by Google for PDAs and tablets. It is planned in such ways that allows the engineers and gadget producers organizations to change the product configuration as indicated by their requirements. It’s the best business open door for mobile application improvement enterprises thus they contract educated mobile application developer. People utilizing PDAs requests for better applications and refresh for existing one, which thusly enormous extent of android mobile application advancement in Delhi

How to start Android Development company in Delhi:

Gain knowledge about Android development

Before You Start a Android Development Company In Delhi, you must first acquire knowledge of java Programming language , frameworks That are used for developing Android apps, Ui and Ux Fundamentals , tools and Software Used for developing Android application such as MIT App Inventor , Android Studio, snecha touch and phonegap etc. You may also require to Have Knowledge of Html, Css and JavaScript as they Are also used for Android App Development.

To Learn Android app development you can read books, Take a Training or course at the best Institute in your City or You can Take courses online on Udemy, udacity and Edx etc.

Decide what Sort of apps You will develop and make a business plan

The first step That you are required to take After you have learned Android app Development and Have decided to open Android app development company is to Decide in which category of android app you will develop a App like You Need to make choice in regards to whether you will develop games, Business apps, news apps, entertainment apps and web Service app etc.

When you are done deciding Next step is to Make a business plan, where you will Business description, marketing strategy for company, management plan, Standard operating procedure, and Need of capital etc.

Acquire funding for Business

To Acquire funding for Your Android development company in Delhi, you can visit Any Bank or financial institute or venture capitalist along with your Business plan. You can also Get a credit card to fund your business.

Business registration and Google play developer Registration

For your Business You can Get Private limited company registration or LLp or Partnership Firm registration In delhi . You are also required to get Gst Registration and Shop act License In delhi. Here I would like to point out to you that Getting a Business registration will Not Help in Beginning a Android Development company in Delhi, you need to be registered on google Play developer then Only you can publish your Apps on google. You may not require google App Developer Account If you are making apps for Third Party. You need to also register Your company on freelancing website or App such as fiverr, freelancer and upwork etc to get work.

Hire staff and Acquire office space

After you are Done with above steps, you are ready to commence business. Now you need to hire staff for which you can Post a job posting on a job portal or take help of Hr consultancy. You need to get office space to setup your Office.


To Conclude this article, I would like to say that The reason why It is best to open a Android Development company in Delhi because Android Platform Is Very easy to learn, you require Low Investment to start it and it provides High Return on Investment, it is Open Source which reduces The software cost and You can distribute android apps Over Multiple channels which can generate higher profit.