Best Hunting Games For Android

best android hunting games

Best thing about hunting games is, they have the adrenaline rush of hunting and the concern of wild species like a WWF officer. You are having the thrill of hunting without actually hurting anyone. But in the real life that who wants to survive in wild woods should have the hunting skills and it is more about your mind-set than your physical capacity. Unleash your inner hunter and see how good you are as a survivor.


Hunt animals and see that either you can really feel yourself in the jungle or you need to learn some skills. Remember that it’s not just you who is hunting but also involves those animals you are keeping an eye on. Some incredibly free hunting games for Android have mentioned below for your convenience.

Big Hunter

A dynamic hunting experience where you hunt with the help of old school weapons like spears and axes but it’s not just you who is using pre historic weaponry but its the pre historic era itself where there is no small animal equal to your side you can hunt down. You are caught into a timeline where there are gigantic animals and different necessary you have to fulfill for the basic survive. Check out games like Counter Strike

Think yourself as dragon warrior and hunt down animals equal in size of the dinosaur. Go through hundred stages and each will intensely examine how good you are as a hunter. A real 2D animal hunting game where hunting big animal is not a big deal.

[appbox googleplay com.kakarod.bighunter]

Wild Hunter 3D

You are a real-time pro hunter not an old school but a modern one, you are catching some really big animals who has run away from safari park. in wild hunter, you are not just a man with second world war rifle who is out to hunt but someone who is really into the hunting and equipped with every resources you will need.

You will have modern realistic weaponry along with some fast off-road vehicles. With them you gonna chase some really giant creatures and ferocious beast. See yourself as a hunter who is not just hunting for the sake of fun but has been hired by theme park and doing a reasonable job. See also: Third person shooter games

Enjoy hunting of dinosaurs and lions, there is more than 150 levels you can continue hunting. Grab your hunting hat and get dressed up into a cool hunter costume to feel this hunting experience at it best.

[appbox googleplay com.julian.wildhunter]

Dinosaur Hunter

It’s a really awesome dinosaur hunting game for those who love watching dinosaur in movies like Godzilla and Jurassic World. Be a big shot hunter and see how good you are when it comes to hunting down some dinosaurs. Use powerful guns and machinery for shooting down the most dangerous dinosaurs walked on the face of earth.

It can be real-time dinosaur shooting game where hunting is carrying out in the exactly Jurassic surroundings. If above mentioned Android hunting games failed to impress you then you can try it as it may rise up your heart beat.

[appbox googleplay com.glu.dino]

SWAT and Zombies

There is hardly any civilian law enforcement force that can do the job better than Swat. But in SWAT and Zombies, swat is not against any regular law breaking gangster but a blood thirsty zombies that want to eat the flesh on your bones. Check also: Gun games for kids

But you are not just empty-handed instead fully equipped and highly trained for the military weaponry. Either use 9mm pistol or long-range rifle depends upon the situations you find yourself trapped in. Swat and zombies can give you a chill across your spinal cord and can raise the heartbeat of any action thriller lover.

[appbox googleplay]

Hunting Jungle Animals

WWF may take serious action against you if you want some hunting of real animals like Black Panther and spotted Dear. But you can do it in this virtual hunting simulation where there is no limit on the variety of animals you hunt and the numbers of hunting you do. There is no doubt that hunting animals is entirely unethical and inappropriate but doing it in the game can provide you some wild life action which you want to have after watching the movie like Jumanji.

[appbox googleplay com.amech.hunting.jungle.animals]

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