The Benefits of Using Instagram for Business

instagram for business

Why Instagram for Business:

Instagram is Photo and video sharing social media platform created in 2010. Instagram claim that they have over 25 Million business profiles from all over the world. 2 Million Plus advertisers from around the world advertising their business on Instagram and driving more traffic and more sales. 200 Million Plus Instagram users visit average 1 business profile very day and discovering new products. Instagram for Business provide you more tools and more options this is why Instagram for business is one of best place to promote your business. Instagram provides real time matrices, Insights section, where you can see analytics for impressions, reach, and follower information.

Tips to Promote Your Business on Instagram:

Here are the Instagram for business tip that you can use to engage more peoples on Instagram and you will also get more success on Instagram.

  • Create Business Profile.
  • Create Killer bio.
  • Add your website link in your bio.
  • Add your business logo and some images on your profile.
  • Post Consistently.
  • Respond to your comments and build strong users Relation.
  • Create branded hashtags for your business.
  • Showcase your products creatively.

How to Switch Account:

If you already have Instagram account then you can convert it to business account but if you don’t have Instagram account yet. Then go and download Instagram app, then signup for Instagram account. Follow these steps to convert your account into business account.

First go to your profile and click the gear button on the top.

Step 2: After clicking on gear button now scroll down and you can see the option “Switch to Business Account”

Step 3: When you will click on switch account, it will ask you Connect with Facebook, click on that and follow all the instructions to switch your account.

Instagram business account

The benefits of an Instagram business account:

1-Connect with customers:

When it comes to engaging with customers and connecting with fans online then Instagram for business is right platform for you. Instagram is Great platform for your business to connect with your customers, engage with your customers, listen to the customers, talk to the customers and build strong relationships with customers and grow your business online.

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For example, let’s say you share a photo of new product and ask your followers what they think about this product so you will get honest reviews from your followers.

  • Reach New Audiences:

Instagram makes it very easy to discover new people, new photos, and new businesses. One of the best ways that people use to discover new content on Instagram is through hashtags. When anyone includes a hashtag in a post on Instagram, they can view all of the photos that have been shared on Instagram using that hashtag. You can also use Instagram Auto liker to reach new audiences and new followers.

  • Instagram ads:

Instagram is receiving daily more than 500 Million users from all over the world so that’s why this is one of best platform to advertise your business. We are going to divide its ads into 2 categories.

  • Free Advertisement:
  • Paid Advertisement:

Free Advertisement: Instagram is not providing any free advertisement service but still you can advertise your business free on Instagram and generates some sales. Yes, you’re reading it correctly; the best thing about Instagram free advertising is you can showcase your services and your products in action which generates huge exposure. According to research Instagram pictures convert better than the generic advertising images. So this is way you can advertise free on Instagram and get some good sales.

Paid Advertisement: Instagram is offering paid advertisement to reach your target audience and also increase your engagements, followers and sales. Right now, Instagram provides photo Ads, Videos Ads, Carousal Ads and stories ads to reach your audience. 

  • Access to analytics:

When you use Instagram for business then it provides analytics to see your account statics. Instagram Analytics are key to understanding your demographic, optimizing your content, and evaluating your overall performance. Instagram Analytics provides you information about, Impressions, Reach, website clicks, Profile visits, follower’s information and many more.

  • Drive Traffic to Your site:

Everyone wants to drive more traffic on their website. Instagram is best way to drive more traffic to your site all you have to do is put your website in bio section. Whenever someone visit your Instagram profile so on the top your website will appear so you have more chances to be get traffic from Instagram. This is the best way to get traffic and as well as sales from Instagram.