3 IOS Emulator For Android To Run Apple Apps on Android

At some point in our Android usage timeline we wanted to have some experience of iPhone without buying one. It may be due to the reason of using some particular applications or games available only on iPhone. No matter what the reason is, here we are discussing the method to run IOS Emulator on Android, using which you can turn your Android into an Apple machine. This Apple emulator is also known as IOS emulator that helps you to run anything that an iPhone can.

After reading this article of ios emulator for Android you will hardly be left with any question or query. Because it has every specific detail required to put an IOS emulator into action. So just tune up your concentration for next 3-5 mints and you will see how simple it is.

Here we gonna discuss not a single way but 3 best methods using which you can use IOS Emulator on Android. These methods may vary in length and complexity but you should choose the one of which you get best understanding of.

iEMU Apk

The first one in our list is iEMU Apk, it is known for it’s requirement of least power specs from any Android device. You just gonna need 512 MB RAM and you are ready to nail it. It is the best IOS emulator for Android that demands least number of space on your smart phone and any other equivalent specs. You have to just download iemu apk and then install it on your device, you would not have any difficulty going for it.

Download Apk

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Cider apk

Cider apk is another Apple emulator for Android you can get on your device.  If it’s Ram you are most worry about then relax. It takes the same RAM as mentioned for IEMU emulator. The golden number is 512 MB. After you are done with downloading cider apk, you would be completely ready to run iPhone apps on Android.

download cider apk

Download Cider Apk

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Appetize IO

This iPhone Emulator For Android is a bit different but far more convenient in my humble opinion. The reason is you don’t need to download any thing to run an app or IOS game. Just browse the name of this ios emulator and within second a virtual iPhone will be opened to you. Now you can run anything you wanted for IOS.

For those who can’t get it clearly it is like a scientific calculator on Google, you have not downloaded but works perfectly as if it is a downloaded one. Because sometimes we just need to run an app or something for a while to test something and we can’t download the entire emulator for a sample application experience.

Just browse the name of this ios emulator and within second a virtual iPhone will be opened to you. Now you can run anything you wanted for IOS.

Check Appetize IO

These were the best methods of running IOS emulator on Android. I hope you enjoyed it and now you can use it with ease on your Android device. If you are a game lover then you should check out Android blogs of latest gaming news and reviews.

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