4 IOS features You Can Have On Your Android

we have gathered some of the most amazing IOS features you can have on your Android. No need to buy an iPhone when you can have the pros of both platforms.

This post has made for those Android users that are also fan of Apple devices. You like it for there are some features that are bit more convenient in Apple or just you like it for no reason. The main purpose is to have those similar iPhone features under your fingertips. Having IPhone features on Android is no big deal nowadays.


Therefore we have gathered some of the most amazing IPhone features you can have on your Android. No need to buy an iPhone when you can have the pros of both platforms.

Following are some spectacular IOS features you can have on your Android phone.

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[appbox googleplay com.google.android.launcher]

Siri as Google Now


  • Artificial intelligence
  • Can do conservation
  • Voice control third-party apps

Google Now is a sensible alternative for Siri if you are an Android user, actually not a substitute but a Siri like app and Android phone user can have. There is no way you can have Siri on Android platform so Google launched Google Now for their audience keeping in view the popularity of Siri.

It talks with you and provides reasonable answers to the most difficult of questions. Most of the time, it feels like you are talking with human beings. The actual functionality of Google Now is to be your personal assistant and operate your phone as you command it. You can open and operate third-party apps via voice control and can instruct it to type text messages or call anyone without touching your phone. Although its artificial intelligence is in it’s primitive developmental stages but we are hoping to see a more sophisticated version of it in the future.



[appbox googleplay com.achep.acdisplay]

“Saving you from pressing the button” in Android


  • Air touch sensor
  • Open phone without touching it

In iPhone, users have the sensor on their phone that help them avoiding sliding their finger on a screen for opening it. The same is available on Android phones too. The sensor detects your gesture whenever they are close enough to your phone screen. The phone automatically activates the screen and saves your time of hitting the home button to start using the device.


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[appbox googleplay com.sand.airdroid]

Connecting Iphone and Mac feature for Android


  • Control Android via PC
  • Exchange and share data

The feature of connecting iPhone with the Mac was very fascinating for Android users and the good news is that in the later days, it had been made available for Android platform. As there are several apps used for the purpose and the two most prominent names are Airdroid and Pushbullet.
Actually it was few of those features that tremendously increases your productivity and time efficiency of the device user. No need to switch on the device you have access to all information, no matter which device you are using currently. Along with it, it helps you to stick it with the single task in hand without diverting your attention to other different screens.



[appbox googleplay com.google.android.apps.photos]

Google photos for Iphone photo app


  • Cloud based gallery
  • Automated categories
  • Convenience of search

How many times we have previously ran across the situation where all of your old memories vanished due to a broken SD card or the phone that left us. By left, it can mean anything either it broke or it just got stolen. Now never again witness such awful situation and have all your photos secured in the Google photos cloud for life time security. It has not just secured your photos like iPhone photo app does but it would sort it out if you are searching a specific photo among your hundreds of photos.

If it is car or a flower, you just need to type in. Google will show all the cars and flowers photos, you have taken with your phone.

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