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Following are some of the most praised IQ Apps that can add much to your brain power by providing an aid of training.

IQ test is the only reliable scale to measure reasonability and intelligence from 100 years. Intelligence Quotient although does not show direct relation with the success in different recent studies and the other factors such as EQ ( Emotional Intelligence ), performance and adaptability shows higher relation with success. Yet no one can deny the significance of IQ in academic success and making you a better learner. There is no doubt that people with higher IQ have extra edge when it comes to learning new skill’s knowledge. Therefore there are multiple IQ test applications for Android that can evaluate your IQ level and can help you raise it.


Following are some of the most praised IQ Apps that can add much to your brain power by providing an aid of training.


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[appbox googleplay com.wonder]




  • Improves cognitive ability
  • Verbal skills
  • Mental math

Elevate is more of a brain training app than an IQ test app. It is known as the best I.Q app according to the user’s reviews and can provide great insight on your verbal skills, numerical skills and provide three times a week IQ training program which enhances your brain processing memory and cognitive skills. It will provide a full report about your numerical and verbal ability in scores and graphs, while this Android application also provides your increase of IQ in the graph.

If you are fascinated by high IQ’s and want to have a genius level IQ about which you can brag to your friends then elevate is the great application to begin with. Your better IQ will not only enhances your academic performance and social life but also boost your self-esteem and personal growth. Unlike many competent IQ apps, you can use Elevate for free.



[appbox googleplay brain.teasers.logic.puzzles.riddles]


Best IQ Test


  • Playful approach
  • Full of puzzles and riddles
  • Brain teaser

If you are a person who is working to improve his IQ level, then there is hardly a chance that you haven’t had heard about best IQ test app. If not, then you can get the better idea about its popularity among the Android users from its number of downloads that are more than 5 Million at the Google Play Store.

When you give a look to the application, you understand why the app is being so admired among the users. This has five different levels of difficulty and you can set it concordance to your ease and compatibility. While the highest level of difficulty can only be solved by the people having genius level intelligence. If you think you are one of those then you must at least give it a try as it does not charge you anything.



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Brain Fits


  • Brain trainer
  • Training alarms

It provides you the most entertaining and interesting way of enhancing your mental ability which would not let you get bore at any point of your learning curve. Brain fits train your brain using different games to enhance your IQ level. It is a great application for those who love mobile games and even for those who find hard to concentrate on other apps’ IQ improvement programs.

Apart from being the most fascinating of all IQ training apps, it also gives you the option to be more specific with the area of brain ability to improve. You can improve your processing speed and memory with some specific games, while there are other games to increase your concentration and focus too.

The best part about brain fits is that you can use it anywhere, without anyone knowing it. If you are getting bore while among your friends but cannot leave for some reason or get trapped into boring party you can utilize your time to improve your brain power and no one would call you a IQ freak.



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[appbox googleplay com.itbrains.iqtestprepration.iqtest]


IQ Test Preparation


  • Increases brain power
  • Mind boggling sometime
  • Makes your brain better

As the name suggest “Iq Test Preparation” is a full on aptitude test preparation app for students getting ready for their entry test. But for both students and people enthusiasts about enhancing mental power, this can serve the purpose at its best. This Android app is however specialized in entry test preparation for it is having a really wide range of question variety from diverse domain. It also provides tips and elaborative explanations on the question and problem it offers, which can be really beneficial for the students as well as for those who want to improve their iq level.

If you are a high school or college student, then this is a must have for your Android phone. It is totally free to download app with all its free features and functionality.


Brain Sharpener


  • Improves concentration
  • Provide challenges
  • Structure sequence

It is a fantastic application to turn your Android device into equipment that can train your brain. Brain sharpener not only maintain the mental health of your brain by providing the constant challenges, required to keep your brain in shape and but also enhances your iq. Our brain is similar to any muscle of the body, if not in function will decline. Like a body builder, if you do workout in gym, the specific muscles you put in stress will grow bigger while those that do not put under vigorous exercise would not nourish. In the similar manner, to flourish your brain capability and potential, you have to make several problem solving challenges confront by your brain in order to increase trigger the enhancement of your brain power.

The app has complete set of mathematical and numerical problems that help to improve your processing speed, focus, memory and numerical intelligence. It is a great thing to be practice by senior citizen as even just using the brain sharpener few minutes a day; they will be able to maintain the activeness of their brain.



What’s My IQ


  • Emphasizes on spatial ability
  • More out of the box problems
  • Innovative & creative approach

What’s My IQ has a whole different and interesting approach towards its audience, as it appears more like a fun game than a training program for mental agility. It is a puzzle solving game which is very difficult to solve by average level intelligent person. By providing genius level puzzle problem, it will do the same what a Rubik’s cube does to your brain. It increases your spatial ability and hones creativity.

This game like app has a series of tough puzzles problem that can not be solved without thinking out of the box. Although it offers small hints but the hints will do no good if you are not an ingenious being. As I have mentioned before, the puzzles can be solved only by struggling for a really long time. It has 50 puzzles and if you have already changed your intention to download this application due to the number of times I have talked about the difficulty level then don’t worry this game also comes with 20 cheats that will help you out at the point where you get stuck.

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